It’s official, you’re engaged – and your fiancé proposed with the most beautiful diamond ring. Things couldn’t be better right now – or could they?

Pulling off the perfect engagement party is no mean feat. Celebrating your engagement with family friends is a memorable event, which is why you want it to be one of the best things you’ll host.

Let’s take a look at five tips to throwing the perfect engagement party.

1. Pick The Right Date

While this may not seem like a big deal, deciding on the date of your engagement party is easier said than done.

This is because you typically want to make it from three to four months after you got engaged, so the news is still fresh on everyone’s mind. If your fiancé has picked a busy season to propose to you, this could prove to be difficult.

The earlier you set the date, the more people will be able to come and the better it will be.

2. Register Your Gifts

Firstly, you have to decide whether you want to register for gifts at all. If you do decide to register for gifts, try to keep them in the low to middle range price category.

After all, you’ve still got the wedding to come, and you don’t want to leave your guests too high and dry. Another pro tip is to wait until the party ‘s over to open them.

3. Plan Your Menu

Remember, this isn’t your wedding, which means you don’t have to go as far as to have a sit-down meal. However, you still want to have something your guests can nibble one, whether it’s just an appetizer or even hors d’oeuvre.

Whatever food plan you go for, remember to keep it simple. You also want to make sure that there is enough food to balance nicely with the alcohol – you don’t want anyone getting too carried away.

4. Send The Invitations

With Facebook Events being the current way to organize things, it adds a nice nostalgic touch to send out physical invitations, even though it’s just your engagement party and not your wedding.

Try to keep them simple, and you could even have a go at writing them yourself. The more personable they are, the better. This is an intimate event with your nearest and dearest, and you want your invitations to reflect this.

5. Have Help Available

While you may be someone who enjoys being in control of everything, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of help as a backup. If you’ve got a decent guest list, there’s a good chance you’re going to need several extra pairs of hands on the day to help get everything set up.

The more support you have, the less stressed you’ll be when the day comes – and the more you’ll be able to enjoy yourself.

Final Thoughts

Engagement parties can go one of two ways. Whether everything is a disaster or you manage to pull it off seamlessly, your engagement party is something to remember for years to come.

With these five smart tips on throwing the perfect engagement party, you’ll be much more prepared – and everyone will thank you for it.