5 Traits of a Successful College Basketball Player

Becoming a great basketball player involves so much more than simply refining the skills that you show on the court. Whilst a mixture of hard work and determination, natural talent and lots of practice definitely goes a long way when it comes to developing a player, true greatness in basketball is achieved by not only working on your skills and talents, but by also achieving and developing those traits which may not be immediately identifiable, but are crucial for reaching success in the sport. Here’s a list of qualities that coaches have identified as ones that successful basketball players have, both at college level and beyond.



A player who has an understanding that the game isn’t simply about him or her putting the ball in the basket is going to be a much better player than one who thinks this is all that matters. Having an awareness of the game is a vital quality of successful college basketball players, and it is what scouts for scholarships such as those from Athletes-USA are looking for when recruiting high school players.


One of the main things that all successful basketball players have in common is determination. In order to get good at a sport such as basketball and play at a professional level, there is a crucial need to be determined and driven when it comes to practice, learning and improvement, even if the player has a huge amount of natural talent for the game.


A basketball player who walks into their game half-heartedly is never going to get the same result as one who lives and breathes basketball. When a basketball player is passionate about their sport, they will go to any lengths to become successful and play their best – whether that means rigorous training for hours each day, waking up early to go to the gym before school, and making sure that they eat properly. When you are passionate about something, it is a lot easier to become successful at it.

Desire to Learn

Another common trait seen with a number of successful basketball players is that they are all highly coachable. A good basketball player knows when to listen to their coach and understands the importance of taking advice and getting support from others who are more skilled, knowledgeable or experienced than themselves when it comes to the sport.


Last but not least, confidence in themselves and their ability to play the sport is a major trait amongst successful basketball players. Of course, even the best players probably still get nervous before a game at times, but for the most part, they know that they have trained and practiced hard and have confidence in their skills, no matter which team they’re playing against or what’s happening in the game. Are you aspiring to play basketball at a collegiate level? What made you choose basketball, and what do you enjoy most about the sport? We’d love to hear from you – leave your response in the comments below!