If you want to update your underwear, you may want a few tips to make your hunt easier. Whether you want to find more comfortable panties, some hip huggers that are more stylish, or some higher quality briefs, traversing retailers can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. How do you find underwear that fits your body size, including finding an inclusive retailer? What if you care about the environment or quality employee treatment?

If you have any questions about underwear shopping, you’re in the right place to learn more. We know how important it is to choose great undergarments, including how to keep your morals and ethics in mind while you shop. If you want to learn more about how to efficiently and quickly get your underwear shopping done, please continue reading for our thoughts. We’re about to break down all of our top tips for underwear shopping!

1: Measure Yourself

If you want to shop online, this may be a great option. Many environmentally-friendly and B corp certified companies are only available online, so you might have an easier time finding morally upstanding underwear this way. However, if you choose to shop online, we strongly recommend your measure yourself before you make your final order.

Measuring yourself will help ensure you get the correct size of underwear for your body. Getting the correct measurements is paramount for feeling comfortable in your undergarments, as choosing something too tight may cut off circulation or leave harsh marks. Choosing undergarments that are too loose may not necessarily come with the negative comfort-related aspects of tight underwear, but it also may not look seamless. Picking the correct size, ultimately, is a necessity.

2: Be Kind to Yourself

Many people feel insecure about their bodies, which isn’t surprising. Considering the ads and photography we are bombarded with online, comparison can quickly begin to steal our joy and self-confidence. We strongly believe that individuals don’t deserve to feel down on themselves just because they don’t look like someone else.

While you’re shopping for underwear, we encourage you to be kind to yourself. If you need, try wearing clothing that makes you feel confident or taking pictures in positions where you feel cute. We are also fans of looking up inspirational quotes and images online. This is a fantastic way to keep positivity in your mind while trying underwear on or shopping online.

3: Don’t Be Afraid to Size Up

While some people may feel a sense of pride if their size number is low, we don’t believe this should be the norm. On the contrary, we would rather individuals feel comfortable in their clothes. Many people would rather wear a small size than feel comfortable in their clothing and undergarments, but this may also come at another cost.

Clothing is also made to fit specific sizes and body shapes, meaning that picking clothing in a smaller size may not look its best on you. It’s essential to pick a size that is accurate to your body shape and type—or larger if you prefer a looser fit—so that the clothes have the best opportunity to look great on you!

4: Read Customer Reviews

If you are not thoroughly familiar with a company’s morals and quality, we strongly recommend you read customer reviews before making a purchase. You can learn a lot about a brand through these comments, as customers will often explain their personal experiences and expectations compared to the items they received.

Some customers will leave bad reviews, but only looking at the number of stars may not give you the complete picture. If they left a bad review because of an aspect that wouldn’t ordinarily affect your purchasing decision, you might still choose to move forward with a product or company. But suppose someone leaves a negative comment about something that matters deeply to you, such as poor customer service, dishonesty from the brand, or lack of comfortability. In that case, you may make a different decision.

5: Do Your Research to Keep Up With Morals

If a company’s morality ultimately influences your decision to shop with them, it may be helpful to conduct some research. Just because a website features an award or badge that looks good, you may want to look into the history or other specifics of this fixture. We also recommend looking into other notations of ethics, such as companies certified with B corp.


Sometimes shopping for clothing and undergarments is difficult, but there are a few easy ways to simplify it. We also know how important it is to only purchase from companies that align with your morals, so we aim to point you in the right direction. If you need help finding great underwear, we hope you found our tips helpful!