One of the best ways to make changes to your community is to cooperate with the local government, and execute projects together. That’s because the local government’s regulatory framework and resources can help hasten the speed with which, you implement community projects. Areas of collaboration with the local government are limitless if you want to change your community. To give you context on how to engage with local authorities, here are 5 ways that you can collaborate with your local government to make a change this year.

1. Work together to reduce alcohol and substance abuse

One of the problems facing many communities is that of alcohol and substance abuse. You can collaborate with the local government to identify individuals who have drug and alcohol problems and send them to rehabilitation centers. For instance, if you live in Washington State, you can work with the local government in your area to send people with drug problems to the recovery village in Ridgefield one of the best recovery center’s in this locality. For more information about them, you can check out their website, ridgefieldrecovery.com.

2. Collaborate on environmental sustainability issues

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world today, and we all have to work together in combating it. That’s why it’s one of the best areas you can collaborate with the local government. For instance, you can work with the local government to run awareness campaigns to help people understand what they can do in their own small way, to help combat climate change.

3. Collaborate on issues of security

Crime is a major issue in many communities. However, it would be foolhardy to believe that only law enforcement can ensure security in communities. You can work with the local government to find out the major causes of crime, then tackle them at their roots. For instance, if drugs are contributing to crime in your locality, you can collaborate with the local government to help drug addicts seek help. You can also work together in identifying drug dealers, and have them arrested.

4. Collaborate on education

Education is one of the areas you can best work with the local government. You can work with them to identify some of the issues facing local schools and tackle them as a community. For instance, if there are schools that are underfunded, you can engage with the local government and work out modalities for improving on this issue. After all, such schools are there to improve the welfare of the community, so it makes sense to find local solutions on how to make them better.

5. Collaborate on diversity issues

One of the biggest issues facing American communities today is that of diversity. There are people who feel that too much diversity will erode the common bond that keeps communities together. You can collaborate with the local government to run educational campaigns that can help the community understand that diversity is a good thing. Such programs would go a long way in enriching the culture of your community, through positive community living.