This last year or so has been the most stressful time in all of our modern existence. We have been through more and tolerated more than we have in the last century. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but still – we have all been through the most. Our office and workspaces need to be a tranquil and peaceful space; it needs to be a place we can go to be calm and productive. Below are five helpful tips for designing a tranquil office space:

1. Sunlight

Sunlight is nature’s gift to heal, energize, and embrace us. Design your office space by making the most of the available natural light. Natural lighting improves productivity and tranquillity by enhancing the atmosphere in the office. Open the curtains or remove the blinds and embrace the sunshine in all of its glory. Artificial lighting can cause eye strain and headaches; natural light has the opposite effect. Sunlight also helps your employees make fewer mistakes and feel much less drowsy; even on a Monday morning. This is excellent news for companies that enjoy setting those 8 am meetings on the first day of the week.

2. Comfortable Furniture

The best way to feel at peace when you’re in your office is by making sure that your office furniture is nothing short of a dream to use. Invest in ergonomically designed, comfortable chairs and desks. This makes all the difference for preventing muscle injuries and work-related stress conditions that flare up with poorly designed furniture pieces. The right office chair will help to improve your posture, which will have a positive effect on both your mood and your health.

3. Equipment Flow

If your office layout is not well thought out, you’ll end up working in a chaotic environment. Plan the layout of your all-in-one printers and computers to create the most effective usage flow. Focus on grouping the most-used equipment so that everything you need to use is close by and conveniently positioned. The most productive office layout design is an open-plan design, which allows for fluid workflow and encourages creativity through collaborative efforts.

4. Plants

Plants instantly improve your workspace. Make use of areas of office space that aren’t otherwise used for anything in particular. Place large pot plants filled with gorgeous greenery all around these empty areas. Plants improve the air quality of your office, which is wonderful because you spend most of your day cooped up inside there. Green plants work better than flowers because they last longer and require less maintenance, but the choice is entirely yours.

5. Artwork

By embracing a creative space at work you will automatically create a peaceful space that people will want to work in. Inspire curiosity by opting for artworks that are open to interpretation. A well-painted abstract artwork can help to de-stress your employees and customers alike. By surrounding yourself and your employees with pieces of art, you will provide a working environment that encourages deep and innovative thought.