Whether you live in a great mansion or a studio apartment, our home is where we nourish and cultivate our inner selves. Welcoming spirituality into our living space allows us to cope with the stress of everyday life, makes us feel liberated and happy, and keeps negative energies at bay. Now, rather than sign up for t’ai chi or yoga classes to reconnect with your deeper self, there are simple steps you can take to invite spirituality into your own home.

The following guide explores 6 easy yet powerful ways to help you turn your living space into a spiritual sanctuary!

1. Set Up a Spirituality Corner

Naturally, everybody’s free to contribute their own definition of spirituality. Whether you find solace in praying, meditation, listening to soothing music, or just some quiet time by yourself, any act that brings you a feeling of relaxation and inner satisfaction qualifies as a spiritual one. That’s why setting up a dedicated room or an area in your home for spiritual activity can help you nurture that sacred, intangible spirit. It can be a small altar for you to pray and engage in religious rituals, a yoga or meditation corner, or a cozy armchair for you to read and enjoy some calming tunes. Let your energy guide you!

2. Organize Your Space

Speaking of which, an untidy home may garner negative or adverse energies. So, to help instill that clean spiritual atmosphere, start with a deep declutter in all rooms. Go through your cupboard and drawers, and get rid of anything you no longer have a use for. Of course, that old piece of clothing or random object doesn’t present a threat in itself, but you’d be better off donating it to charity or selling it online to make room for your new spiritual home lifestyle. In other words, make minimalism your new motto.

3. Accessorize Your Interior

While some objects won’t have a place in your newly cleansed space, others will help bring in calmness, reassurance, and positivity. A great way to achieve this is with a neutral color scheme for the walls, furniture, etc. Remember that a toned-down interior is always more conducive to relaxation and harmony. Next, choose a variety of decorative items such as crystals, stones, beads, or wooden carvings to give it some charm. You can add some beautiful religious decorations and inspirational artwork to strengthen your spirituality and help empower your inner self. With some research or a visit to your local store, you’re bound to gather inspiration on how to accessorize your interior.

4. Bring Nature In

Spirituality always involves a certain connection to Mother Nature. Now, unless you live in a cabin in the middle of a lavender field or an idyllic mountainscape, there are simple ways to help bring nature back inside. For instance, choosing organic, natural materials for your rooms will boost your home’s spiritual value. This can also be done by adding green plants for a fresh zest and a touch of color; they’ll purify the air and provide a pleasing and comforting sight. You’ll find plenty of online guides to help you invite nature into your space.

5. Adopt Aromatherapy

As the name suggests, this is a kind of therapy that uses aromas and natural scents to purify your home and soothe your mind. The benefits of aromatherapy have been appreciated for centuries and can effectively help you enhance your home’s spiritual appeal. One of the most popular and accessible ways to enjoy interior aromatherapy is by burning scented incense sticks or candles. They’ll help cleanse the space, chase away negativity, and promote relaxation and well-being. To take it up a notch, you can invest in a convenient essential oil diffuser; lavender, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, the choices are virtually endless!

6. Grow a Book Collection

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of your spiritual journey entails growing your knowledge by reading. By that, we don’t simply mean religious or self-help books. As a matter of fact, the more diverse the literature you read, the more knowledge you’ll gather, and the more enlightened you’ll be down the line. As such, browse the web or visit your local bookstore to find out what type of literature interests you the most. Once you’ve identified your preferred genres, explore as many titles as you can, and purchase books to build your very own library at home (an excellent way to lay off screens).

All in all, spirituality is accessible to all. It’s all about committing to those small adjustments and welcoming change into your life to become a happier and more emancipated being. Whether you wish to open your third eye, explore your unique potential, or establish a routine to help you relax and unwind, you can build yourself a conducive environment right from the comfort of your own home!