If you’ve spent the better half of your life, devoting all your free time to hone in on your performance skills with your band, then you know how important it is to land that first gig. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally having a chance to show the world your talent and possibly be on your way to success. So it only makes sense that the work that goes into landing your first gig is done in the correct way, because first impressions are everything.

This is why we’ve made a list of the 6 most effective strategies that will surely get you your first paid gig.

1-Make connections

You’ll be amazed at how much you can get accomplished by making the right connections. There are great pointers at https://musicaroo.com/get-singing-gig/ that include the importance of networking. By keeping contacts that are in the same boat as you and are within the community and the music industry as well, this makes it much easier to land yourself your first gig. Not only that, but they can impart great information and tips on what to expect and how you can get around really catching a promoters attention, as well as what venues would be suited best for your kind of performance.

2-Research all the local venues

It’s important to stay on top of your research game. The most important one being local venues, especially since this will be your first gig. First do a bit of digging around by going online, and don’t limit yourself to specific locations. There are a number of venues that would love to have a performance takes place that may not be so conventional, so don’t hold back in creating a list of all of the public venues that could serve as a platform for your first gig. You should also take the time to go to these venues in person and introduce yourself, and develop a relationship with the owners in case an opportunity arises.

3-Have an online presence

You may not be well known on a commercial level, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a presence on social media or the internet. This is a good way to give promoters an opportunity to check out your music and your style as well, and you never know who might be able to contact you just by coming across your page.

4-Always have demos available

There’s no doubt that you need to always be prepared. Have a demo sample on you at all times, especially when you’re scouting venue or socializing or networking, because all it takes is a small conversation to bring up the prospect of landing your first gig. So you need to be ready to give away or show someone a sample of your music so that you can get the ball rolling immediately.

5-Offer to be an opening act

If you already know people that are landing gigs, then a great way to get your own first paid gig is by offering to be an opening act for one of them. This is a very good way to introduce yourself into the industry and you’re bound to get noticed, even if it means just playing one song.

6-Have an unforgettable setup

If you manage to finally get through to a promoter or someone that owns a great venue, then you need to be prepared to wow them and convince them that you are the next big thing. By showing up prepared and actually have a plan set out on how you would like to stage your performance and how it’s going to look, as well as the sound and the experience you are promising to give out, this shows them that you are professional and organized, and most importantly, that you’re ready to break the industry with your unique sound.

If you follow the strategies mentioned here then you’re bound to land your first paid gig without any trouble. While there are a ton of bands and performers out there seeking to do the exact same thing, it’s up to you to ensure that you give off the promise of the whole package. Make sure that when you approach people that can help you land this gig, that you’re always prepared to deliver an offer that they simply cannot refuse. The music is the priority, of course, but more so, you need to also offer a plan and a sense of professionalism, as well as the confidence to show them that you are really worth looking into and cashing in on.