We spend almost half of our day working, so we have to make sure that the workspace is motivating. Nothing can stop you from decorating your office the way you want to inspire your employees. You may think that money is a huge limiting factor, however, some furniture is ergonomic, beneficial, and not expensive at the same time. You should mix between practicality and style without letting one become dominant over the other. We are going to open your mind to new furniture ideas that you can apply to your new office.

1. Adjustable Office Chairs

When you hire people, you don’t ask about their heights as a job requirement. That being said, it is illogical to buy different sizes to fit everyone because you will be wasting your money. That’s why the best solution is to get adjustable chairs that can suit anyone, regardless of their height or weight. These chairs can be elevated, brought down, and spun. Additionally, the back support can be adjusted according to the position that you feel most comfortable in to protect you against spinal diseases.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the material because these chairs are liable to deteriorate over time. You should make sure that the knobs are strong, as they will be used daily for countless times. Moreover, the material should be breathable to not trap moisture and odors and keep itself warm in any weather as well.

2. Storage Wall

A messy office is not peaceful and increases anxiety. On the contrary, when you have a well-groomed space where everything is in place, it gives more room for your eyes to rest. That’s why you should invest in getting lockers and storage compartments for the workers’ belongings and office documents.

If your office is small, you can make a storage wall to provide you with plenty of space for file storage as well as decorative items. You can add drawers and closed sections for the belongings to make the employees feel safe inside the office.

3. Treadmill Desk

Since we sit down while working most of the time, we lose our physical strength and stamina, which affects our health. That’s why fitness gurus at standingdesknation.com/pages/best-treadmill-desk, who are trying to find a work-life balance, recommend getting treadmill desks. They add movement to our daily lives that we are losing gradually because of the nature of our jobs. If you already have desks, you can get the treadmill partition separately to lower the expenses.

Some people argue against the idea because they are afraid that the extra effort will make them tired and unable to work. On the contrary, walking while working increases the blood flow to your brain and makes you think better to come up with creative strategies. They are even better than stand-alone desks because you will move your legs instead of staying still in the same place.

4. Comfortable Sofas

What about the relaxation area where you get to enjoy the breaks? People need to have a place to rest and converse with one another to stay sane. Getting comfortable sofas in the rooms instead of tables and chairs is a better solution. You will give the workers a change of scenery, and they can lay down their bodies and relieve the day’s stress. They will also give their muscles a chance to heal from the tension and wrong postures. You can add some plants and paintings to double the relaxing effect. On a side note, make sure that the sofas’ material is easy to clean because people may stain them while eating or drinking.

5. BeanBags

Some employers are starting to think that a cozy office is better than a formal one. Studies proved that when people are comfortable, they become more productive and less distracted by their discomfort. That being said, beanbags are invading the business world and making their way into every office. They make everyone feel at home, which increases their sense of belonging. That way, they become more loyal to the place and work towards its success.

6. Flexible Workstations

Cubicles provide a sense of isolation that drains people of their energies. They feel alone and disconnected from their fellow employees. That’s why a flexible workstation that workers can gather around and work is good for their mental health. They can turn it into a conference table too, instead of having a separate room for meetings.

A successful business starts from a comfortable and efficient workspace where people work together in harmony. The furniture you decide to add to the workspace is a huge factor in motivating the employees. You should make sure that the chairs and desks are designed to improve people’s health instead of causing diseases. Moreover, storage areas should be practical and aesthetically pleasing.