When listing the ten most popular cities on the planet, New York will always claim a top spot, and for a few good reasons. Also called the Big Apple, this vibrant city boasts a plethora of attractions, rich history, great food, and a rich taste of art all in one package. While some consider it loud and a bit crowded, it is a fun-filled city that any traveler would enjoy spending their vacation in. While on your trip to NYC, here are six things you shouldn’t leave without doing.

1 Take a Selfie at the Statue of Liberty

Whenever most Americans think of New York City, the iconic Statue of Liberty comes into mind. Some consider this historic landmark to be a little dramatic, but it is among the biggest tourist attractions in the Big Apple, receiving more than four million visitors each year. Moreover, it is just meters away from the neighboring Ellis Island National Immigration Museum, which is yet another historic monument. Taking a selfie or photo here can be a great way to preserve the memories from your US trip for many years to come.

2. Watch the NBA or Your Favorite Sport

If you’re a sports fanatic, you might have to extend your trip to New York City by a few weeks more. The city is home to a variety of sports competitions, including baseball, soccer, American football, hockey, and basketball. NBA games are undoubtedly among the most spectacular events you can experience in New York City.

However, tickets to the various venues are often up for grabs, so it’s best to book early and strategically if you want to save money and ensure you get a comfortable spot. Most people who love watching the NBA in NYC enjoy an amazing time at Madison Square Garden or the Barclays Center. These are the home courts for the NY Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, respectively.

3. Enjoy the Nightlife

New York City was dubbed the “city that never sleeps” for a good reason. Of course, there are many other cities that never sleep as far as the term is concerned, including Tokyo, Beirut, Buenos Aires, and Cairo. New York City has carried this title in many works of literature, art, and music since as early as the 19th century. Manhattan is particularly considered to be among the best places to enjoy New York City’s nightlife, not forgetting that it is one of the five boroughs. If you don’t mind partying and having a good time in the wee hours of the night, don’t leave New York City without getting a taste of it.

4. Check out The Empire State Building

After the September 11 terrorist attacks on US soil, New York’s Empire State Building gained significant traction from lovers of history. It became the first skyscraper to have withstood an impact from an airplane (which took place in 1945). The major difference is that fewer lives were lost here, plus this one was an accident rather than a terrorist attack.

Despite being 381-m tall, the Empire State Building might have lost a speck of its dominance of the NYC skyline by now. However, it still provides some breathtaking views at sunset, especially the observatory on floor 102, the deck on floor 86. The building is a popular attraction to tourists, so it’s best to visit it in the morning hours or late at night if you want a worthwhile tour with lesser crowds to deal with.

5. Visit Brooklyn Bridge and Park

Measuring 1596-ft long, the stone-towered Brooklyn Bridge is famous for being a world-first steel suspension bridge when it opened in 1883. It is almost unquestionably NYC’s most stunning river crossing. Presently, a stroll along its pedestrian tunnel provides spectacular views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

The 85-acre green park on Brooklyn’s East River waterfront, Brooklyn Bridge Park, extends the enjoyment (and the Manhattan views). While there, be sure to check out the pier’s refurbished leisure and recreational facilities, including the glass-enclosed Jane’s Carousel.

6. Tour the City on a Bike or Scooter

New York City is also renowned for Citi Bikes, those blue bicycles you might have spotted racked all throughout the city. They provide alternative transportation when exploring the city while getting a good dose of exercise. Ticket/pass costs range anywhere between 12 and 24 bucks for one or three days respectively.

However, you should know that you basically have thirty minutes to dock your bike back at the nearest racking station from the time you undock it. Otherwise, you can expect to pay an additional $4 for every fifteen minutes you stay with the two-wheeled machine.

If you’ve considered visiting New York City, or you’re still on vacation there, it is not uncommon to get overwhelmed by the numerous options on things to see and do. However, there are a few grand activities that you just have to prioritize, so you can make the most out of your trip. If you have some time (and money) to spend, don’t leave NYC without indulging in the above activities.