Going on a first vacation as a couple is a huge milestone in your relationship. Those couple of days you spend together away from your friends and family can really tell you whether you have a future together or not. This is why the idea of vacationing together can be a bit scary for fresh couples. During those days you will notice some of your partner’s habits you haven’t noticed before and see them in a different light. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, on the contrary. However, if you wish to have a romantic first holiday as a couple, here are some things you should consider.

Sightseeing in a large city

The point of this vacation is to spend some alone time as a couple, enjoy each other’s company and relax. This is not possible if you have chosen a huge city as your vacation destination. Cities are loud, full of traffic and noise you cannot get away from. There are so many things to see in a big city, so while trying to do and see every touristy thing on the planet, you actually won’t spend a lot of time talking and relaxing. Therefore, for your first vacation as a couple, try something more outdoorsy. A non-urban setting will provide you with a lot more bonding opportunities, and if things work out, you can always visit that city some other time.

Avoid tainted places

And by that, we mean do not take your partner anywhere you have been with your ex. When your relationship is still fresh, you should avoid anything ex-related. Therefore, better choose a place neither of you has been to before. This way you will be able to experience some things for the first time together and create fun memories that are not tainted in any way.

Be realistic

If all you have ever learned about vacations for two was from romantic comedies, you need to take those pink glasses off. To get in touch with reality, you could read travel blogs such as Big Booty Fish. Not all vacations are pure romance 24/7, white sandy beaches, love-making under the stars, and amazing adventures. You might get sunburnt which could prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep for a couple of days, you might drink too much, eat too much and end up in the bathroom for hours. Do not worry if your vacation is not a fairy tale come true. Not every moment spent away together will be an utter bliss, and that is perfectly okay.

Talk about money

Who will pay for the gas? How about your accommodation? Will you split the lunch bill or will one of you pay for the food? While talking about money is not really romantic, you have to sort this out before you go on a vacation. Arguing about who will pay for what in the middle of your vacation can really ruin the whole experience for the both of you.

Forget about your phones

If you want to check in with your family and tell them that everything is okay, that is completely fine. However, if you spend the whole vacation glued to your phone, checking your Facebook and Instagram every two minutes, you can just spend your vacation at home, alone. Heck, it would be a lot cheaper. Your first vacation together is a precious time and you should use it to spend quality time with your partner.

Don’t spend every waking moment together

While you should not stare at your phone the whole time, you should not gaze into your partner’s eyes 24/7 either. Although this vacation is just for the two of you and is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know each other better, you are not glued together. There is no reason you should be by each other’s side every minute of every day. After all, we all need a bit of privacy and alone time during the day, and if you don’t ensure that me time, you will start getting on each other’s nerves.

Go through this list before you head out the door with your partner, and you might avoid some unexpected problems.