Skinny jeans have remained one of the most popular, beautiful-looking cuts of denim in the fashion realm for decades. Especially in 2022, the stylish look of skinny jeans, and their incredibly versatile nature, have kept them at the top of their game. If you’re struggling to find the right pairings for your favorite pair of skinny jeans, however, you’ll feel frustrated and as though you’re failing to stay in the loop when it comes to fashion trends. To ensure you avoid this pitfall, here are seven accessories and styles that you can always pair with your skinny jeans (even in 2022):

1. Denim Jackets

Especially if you have a looser-fitting denim jacket in your wardrobe, the way they complement the tightly-designed look of skinny jeans is difficult to overstate. This look has been a classic for decades and has been for a good reason. To ensure you’re set up with a go-to pairing for your skinny jeans that will never fail you in 2022, you deserve to find yourself the perfect denim jacket/skinny jean pairing to elevate your style game.

2. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are not for everyone, but those that want to be current, cool, and intimidating have found them to be a real game-changer. Because women’s skinny jeans hug your skin so tightly, they leave enough room for knee-high boots to slip right over them. If you want to look akin to a fearsome anime character IRL, while still looking as cool as humanly possible, you need to consider trying out this bold, but beautiful pairing.

3. Casual Slippers

If you’re running errands, or simply want the most comfortable pair of shoes possible, casual slippers are the way to go. The simple, beautifully-basic look of slippers pairs well with the comfortably-striking look of skinny jeans, so take advantage of this fashion hack as we embrace the height of 2022’s summer season. After all, there’s no reason you cannot be both comfortable and stunning with your clothing choices this season.

4. Oversized T-Shirts

The extra-huggy nature of skinny jeans allows your oversized t-shirts to look both adorable and stylish. If you want to show off shirts that are almost big enough to be dresses, yoga pants, and skinny jeans are the go-to options that will successfully get the job done. Find a color, shade, and material that works well with the material and shade of your skinny jeans when picking out which oversized t-shirt you’re going to wear, however. And make sure it’s cool enough to wear comfortably in the summertime as well! After all, skinny jeans are a staple of both the fashion present and the fashion future.

5. Stylish Blazers

If you want to mix casual and professional styles, the skinny jeans/blazer combo is one of the all-time great pairings that you can try out. If you work in a non-corporate office, or a relaxed day job, this combination is sure to both disarm people and make them respect you. To excel in your daily life, and your work life, finding a striking pair of skinny jeans and a blazer that goes together is truly a “life hack.”

6. Band-Tee Graphic T-Shirts

Skinny jeans are worn by hip, cool people the world over. If you want to double-down on your cool aesthetic, pairing your favorite skinny jeans with an eye-catching, buzz-worthy band-tee is a great option. Metallica, 90s Hip-Hop, and early 2000s bands are particularly trendy and fashion-forward right now, and you can find faux-vintage in many fashion boutiques right now to help you complete this awesome pairing. If you’re willing to spend a bit extra, you can even head down to your local hipster thrift shop and seek out a real vintage band-tee to show how much of a true fan you are of the artists that you’re repping.

7. Designer Heels

Short boots, platform shoes, and designer heels all work fantastically with the look that skinny jeans provide. You get a lean-legged strike, followed by an all-out statement adorning your feet when you go with this must-do pairing. As you find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your skinny jeans in the summer of 2022, be sure to avoid mixing harsher leathers with softer material, however, as this can quickly make an otherwise fantastic-looking pairing seem a bit garish. Follow this one simple rule, and you’ll have a great time finding your favorite shoe and skinny jean pairings.

Time to Rock Your Skinny Jeans to the Max

Now that you have an idea of what can truly unlock the full potential of your skinny jeans, it’s time to put together a radical wardrobe for the 2022 summer season. With a bit of grit, determination, and a few hours of trying on clothes, you’ll soon have a wardrobe setup that will allow you to maximize your skinny jeans potential this year.