What’s better than spending some quality time with friends? It can be a delight, but it can get boring at times. The chatter gets quieter and you run out of stories and topics to talk about. Then, it seems like time is passing slowly and the night isn’t ending. Well, the good news is, playing games is always an option. It’s the best way to pass the time and kill boredom. You will find yourself talking again, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. We’ve come up with a list of good group games to overcome boredom. Check them out!

1. Challenges

Challenges are fun. They’re a good way to get out of our comfort zones and do things we wouldn’t do otherwise. There are plenty of challenges to choose from. You can challenge each other to eat weird combinations of food, stand on one foot for some time, or do impressions. In addition to some of the most famous challenges like Try Not to Laugh, Chubby Bunny, or Speed Drawing, you can come up with your own game and make your own rules

2. Word Games

If you and your friends are bookworms, word games can be a perfect choice. If you’re not, you can still have some fun out of them. You have games like Scrabble, Crosswords Puzzles, Words with Friends, and Big Boggle. If you get stuck with a scrambled words game, you can find unscrambler tools online that would take scrambled letters and form them into every word possible. The developers at Unscramble.org state that some might consider unscrambling cheating and some might not depending on the skills of the players in the game. An unscrambler tool may create a balance between different players, though, so make sure you’re honest about using one if you’re new to the game.

3. Kiss, Kill and Marry

This is a good game if you have common friends and interests with your friends. You can play them by referring to people you all know or you can use characters from a famous franchise or name celebrities you’re all familiar with. Make a list of people you all know and start playing. It would be fun to know who your friend wants to kiss, kill, and marry if the choices are Draco, Hermoine, and Dobby.

4. Would You Rather

Would you rather read this article a hundred times or eat nothing but bananas for a month? We personally choose the bananas, in case you’re curious. Would You Rather is a good game to test a player’s creativity. The crazier the scenarios are, the louder the laughter will be. It is also a good way to get to know each other well and discover things you like or prefer. And if you run out of ideas, you can find questions online.

5. Truth or Dare

This is a classic game you can play with friends or family members. Choosing to tell a truth or do a dare is never an easy choice. You can do different versions of this game. You can play it PG or you can make it sexy. You can also make the losers give up something valuable to them if they refuse to do the dare or tell the truth. Evil, right? Just remember, as a rule, to keep the dares safe, legal, and non-triggering.

6. Scavenger Hunts

This is one game enjoyed by children and adults alike. If you’re bored from sitting and being lazy, Scavenger Hunt is a good way to move around. If the party or gathering is at your home, you can set it up before they arrive. It can be a good idea, too, if you have news to reveal to the guests like the gender of your baby or the date of your wedding. Use your knowledge of the participants to make the game more fun and rewarding.

7. Mobile Multiplayer Games

You can play all the games we mentioned and many more on your phone. There are apps for everything nowadays. It is a good way to generate ideas for Truth or Dare and Would You Rather. You can play card games and classics like Uno, Monopoly, and quizzes. You can go with classics like Yahtzee or Charade as well. On the other hand, you can go for video games like PUBG and Call of Duty on mobile. The options are endless.

The number one rule here is to have fun. The games we’ve come up with are mostly classics that everybody knows, but ones that you can never go wrong with. You will get to know your friends better with games like Would You Rather and Truth or Dare. You can also test their knowledge, skills, and intelligence with word games. You will find out about their preferences and choices with Kiss, Kill, and Marry, as well If they’re new friends, most of these games will help break the ice. It will be more likely that your friends will come back for the next party!