Of all the different sports you stumble upon on TV, golf is the one you make fun of the most. You see those well-dressed folks holding large clubs and hitting this tiny ball effortlessly, and you assume it is as easy as it is ludicrous. Needless to say, all of that changes when you step onto a golf course for the first time. It will take you months to actually properly hit the ball, and you’ll start understanding just how difficult it can be. Golf requires finesse and precision, and this is why you’ll also need to get yourself a rangefinder while playing.

It will make a huge difference in your entire gameplay. Here’s why:

1- Improving accuracy

A rangefinder simply aims to give you the accurate distance between you and your target. Otherwise, you’ll just have to guess what the distance is and build your shot accordingly, which probably won’t end well. Distance control and measurement is key to scoring and hitting your targets, which makes a rangefinder a very important tool for any golfer who wants to improve in the game –– professional or amateur.

2- Convenience

One of the most important features of rangefinders is the fact that they are convenient and portable. You can take them with you anywhere in the field because they are quite compact and easy to carry around –– some are even wearable. This is probably the main reason why rangefinders have become very popular among golf enthusiasts. It’s effortless to use one, and it’s not like you’d be carrying a huge device on you, but rather a small one that can be taken anywhere without making its presence noticeable.

3- Easy to use

You might think that a small device that would give you the distance tens of meters ahead would be complicated or difficult to use, but as a matter of fact, rangefinders are pretty easy to use by anyone. You will find that most devices work quite smoothly; you just pick it up, hit a button, and then you can use your rangefinder to get an accurate distance to the next flag or hazard, which makes the entire gameplay much easier and more accurate. Most rangefinders can even be wielded using one hand, so you won’t have to throw your golf club around to tinker with the device or anything. It’s a simple click of a button, really.

4- Speeding gameplay

As most golf aficionados know, a typical game could last anything between three and six hours, which is a lot of time –– especially compared to other sports that lasts a quarter of that time at the most. This is another reason why rangefinders are quite relevant; they exponentially speed up the gameplay and make it easier to get games over with in shorter periods. Not everybody has the luxury of spending five hours on a golf course, and they would still like to enjoy a nice game, and in that case, a rangefinder can make it much easier to wrap games up quickly.

5- Improving gameplay

When you start using this device, you’ll notice that the entire gameplay is improved. You start using the right clubs for specific shots that require certain trajectories, and you do it based on your distance readings from the device. You also get to avoid hazards when you have the right distance, and those can be really tricky to get out of. With a rangefinder, avoiding hazards is quite simple. And even if you get into one, it’ll be easier to find your way out with the right measurements. Those tiny devices even come with slope measurements, which will help you know if your shot is uphill or downhill!

6- Huge range

Some laser devices claim to be able to read distance as far as thousands of meters. While that might be a bit too good to be true, it still means they can hit large distances and give you accurate measurements, which will help you a lot in your game.

7- Price

One more reason why a rangefinder is a great option, they’re pretty affordable. Your typical device will cost around $250, which is pretty good considering how much of an improvement it can bring to your game. If you want even more added features, you’ll have to pay a bit extra, but you’ll still be quite within the affordable range.

At the end of the day, this device will take your game to the next level. And some rangefinders even come with bonus features like being waterproof, not to mention having a battery that would last anything between six months or a year. So, your initial investment will certainly be enough for quite some time.