A single diamond has countless surfaces; the cut refers to the dimensions and how they create brilliance and sparkle.

Even the smallest features of a diamond have the biggest impact on the value. Some classic shapes of a diamond include oval, round, and princess. But there are some especially unique cuts that are more than eye-catching. Here are 7 cuts that are bound to make your woman awe as you place it on her finger.

1) Emerald Cut

Larsen Jewellery emerald cut diamond rings are extremely unique and are multi-faceted, giving them a distinct look. The cut was originally intended for emeralds, but it was too beautiful to not share with diamonds as well. A emerald cut diamond can be in anything from a simple solitaire setting to an elaborate vintage piece, so there is an option for everyone.

2) Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is characterized by its slender shape and two sharp points on either end. Its similar to the oval in that it has a large surface area, but they are very different. A diamond ring with a Marquise cut is timeless, which makes it a viable purchase for every woman.

3) Heart Shape

A diamond ring with a heart shape cut takes a lot of skill and expertise to perfect. The heart shape diamond is also a modified brilliant cut. Heart shape diamonds include many silhouettes, from slimmer all the way to fatter diamonds. This cut is especially hard to perfect as well, so if you find a high quality ring, it can be worth a good amount of money. Overall, this piece of jewelry is an iconic symbol of love.

4) Radiant

A diamond with a radiant cut has seventy facets which maximize the amazing color refraction. They come in all sizes, and are often surrounded by other smaller diamonds. Some of the most luxurious radiant cut rings have up to 4 carats!

5) Trillion

A trillion cut diamond is a triangle with perfectly equal sides, and can have anywhere from 31 to 50 facets. It has a unique ability to look bigger than another diamond of the same weight but a different shape. Trillion cut diamonds are very distinguishable, but may not be as brilliant as a round or radiant cut diamond might.

6) Rose

Rose cuts have a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown that rises into a single apex, named after a rose bud because of the resemblance. This cut is certainly not as brilliant as some other diamonds, since it has 24 facets at most. However, for people that love vintage-inspired jewelry, this is a perfect choice.

7) Alternative

A woman could want anything in a diamond ring, whether it be a unique cluster diamond ring with a bright gold band or a giant hexagonal diamond. A great, out-of-the-box style comes from playing with the metal, color, and shape of the jewelry.

For example, you can choose from a pentagonal, half moon shape, or any other alternative diamond that you want. This style of jewelry is perfect for anyone that doesn’t love any traditional style of ring. A personalized ring can be especially meaningful for many and passed down through generations.

Invest in a Meaningful Diamond Ring

Whether she prefer vintage rings or modern heart shape rings, the diamonds in both can create a lot of sparkle and brilliance. A lot of people prefer traditional cuts like round or princess. But for those that want to see more unique cuts, emerald cut rings and marquise cut rings are a viable option. When you’re shopping for your next diamond ring, be sure to educate yourself on diamond cuts and decide what your woman truly wants.