Unwanted facial hair is the bane of many women’s existence, from the upper lip to those long hairs that hide just off the edge of the chin where you can’t see them. Beauty standards dictate that we remove this unwanted invader on our face as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many methods for facial hair removal can be uncomfortable, tedious, or downright painful. Let’s look at some of the methods out there for facial hair removal.

Old School Facial Hair Removal: Tweezing

Now, every woman knows the importance of a good pair of tweezers. Getting rid of that wild eyebrow hair, you can only see in the morning in your car on the way to work is critical. However, tweezing is about as old school as you can get when it comes to modern facial hair removal.

Tweezing is great for those who are only dealing with rouge chin hair here or there or even only their eyebrows. However, this method is nearly impossible for those less fortunate among us who have more than just a few stray hairs. Sure, you can go through and pluck out the darkest of the chin hairs and maybe even manage to get rid of that unwanted must ache. Still, it’s simply not going to give you the kind of coverage you need. It does, however, last reasonably well, considering it can take upwards of three weeks for the hairs to grow back.

Hot Wax, Anyone? Waxing for Facial Hair Removal

Like tweezing, this method lasts three to four weeks. It’s a step above tweezing in that it can cover much more area than a hair or two at a time. Waxing can be done at a salon with a licensed esthetician or home.

However, this is a non-starter for anyone with sensitive skin, as it can cause trauma, leaving red or bruised skin along with removing the hair.

Hot wax also leaves you running the risk of burns, especially if you are brave enough to attempt this at home. It can be difficult without the proper equipment to keep the wax workable and keep it from being molten sticky stuff to spread on your face.

Shaving Tabboo For Facial Hair Removal

For years women have been told that shaving isn’t an appropriate option for facial hair removal. We’re supposed to turn to more painful and more lasting results. However, that’s changed a bit over the last ten years, and women have begun shaving in multiple ways.
Regular razor shaving is an option for getting rid of facial hair for women, even if it isn’t culturally normalized. Most women tend to avoid it because it doesn’t last long and can leave the hair feeling a bit rougher than when removed from the roots.

Dermaplaning is a trendy way of removing unwanted facial hair, especially the superfine fuzzy variety. Dermaplaning has a two-fold effect. It removes the facial hair and the topmost layer of dead skin, exfoliating and hair removal all in one.

Dermaplaning can be done at home. However, some professional dermatologists and estheticians also offer the service.

Neither of these methods will actually cause your hair to grow back thicker or darker. Still, those old wives’ tales may have started because it does succeed in blunt from where it’s been cut, just like after you shave your legs.

More Pulling Ahead: Epilation

Like waxing and tweezing, epilation facial hair removal takes the hair out by the root, so it can last around two to three weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Epilators hurt more than waxing or tweezing. There are home devices for removing facial hair with electrical epilation. Still, it’s a far more common procedure for areas like leg hair.

Creams, Lotions, and Potions for Facial Hair Removal

There are an endless number of products on the market to remove and bleach facial hair for women.

Those with sensitive skin should almost always skip this option, as the harsh chemicals in the product can do real damage to the skin.

Hair removal creams have the advantage of helping prevent things like ingrown hairs because the chemicals destroy the protein in the hair. It grows back softer than the blunt edge you would get from shaving.

This method doesn’t last as long as even shaving tapping out at about the two-week mark for most. However, it can be a quick fix if your skin can handle it.

Longer Lasting Results Laser Facial Hair Removal

Suppose you’re looking for something that lasts longer than any of the above methods. In that case, you will want to look into laser facial hair removal.

Laser hair removal is scientifically a fascinating procedure. Lasers are designed to specifically target the pigmentation in the hair and destroy it with heat. The damage done can prevent the hair from growing back.

Laser hair removal devices are being sold for home use these days with heavy price tags. They aren’t really the same as the laser hair removal treatments you can get at a medspa or dermatologist’s office. They tend to be less effective and don’t always offer more permanent results.

Many devices are marketed as laser hair removal treatment devices that aren’t anywhere close to what they promise. If you decide to go with a home device, make sure to do a lot of research and read reviews before making the investment.

However, laser hair removal treatments in a dermatologist’s office or other professional setting tend to offer pretty impressive results. Because laser hair removal works best when hair is in a growing phase, it requires multiple treatments as facial hair grows in stages rather than all at once. For example, if you get your treatments done at Infinity laser spa, your initial consultation will include a plan for how many treatments you may need to see the most effective results. Also, laser hair removal works best on darker hairs as the light from the laser is attracted to pigmentation in the hair. Its effectiveness on lighter hairs is limited, but there are some newer laser devices on the market today that claim to be effective for all hair types. It’s best to talk to your doctor about what options may be best for you.

One of the main drawbacks is the same thing that makes this procedure work. It uses a single wavelength of intense light to destroy the hair by focusing on the pigment. That means that if you have super light hair, it won’t work nearly as well as for those with dark hair growth.

Other Permanent Options For Facial Hair Removal

Electrolysis is one of the only other permanent options on the market. This method is only performed by a professional and has to be done at an office.

It’s done by inserting a very thin needle into the desired hair follicle and introducing electricity to destroy the root. The damage done means the hair can’t grow back. This method works on all hair types, including white or light hair.

This is critical to check and make sure you’re working with a licensed professional because it runs the risk of infection and scarring if the equipment isn’t properly handled.

Everyone has different skin and hair textures, and it’s essential to consider those when choosing what facial hair removal method is right for you. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are among the only methods deemed semi-permanent or permanent.