One industry that does significant damage to the planet is the beauty industry. Manufacturers are often wasteful and utilize harsh chemicals for products and production.

We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful planet. We must fill our lives with sustainable practices if we want to protect the environment. That’s why you should look for ways to make your beauty routine safer for the planet.

Read on to learn about 7 ways you can change up your beauty routine to be more environmentally-friendly.

1) Compostable Makeup Wipes

If you wear a full face of makeup every day, you might like to use makeup wipes when you’re done. The next time you go shopping, keep your eye out for compostable wipes. These wipes are more environmentally-friendly than traditional wipes. They are made of plant-based fibers and will eventually breakdown naturally. They will spend less time sitting in a landfill, so you can feel better about using them.

2) Cruelty-Free Makeup

This is another huge point for sustainable beauty living. Look for makeup that avoids animal testing and is made with all-natural ingredients. Some of the most popular options out there are vegan, meaning they are made without any animal products. The products available at are all included in this category. Many people report that these types of products feel better on their skin and body as well.

3) Shampoo Bars and Conditioning Bars

This is one of the hottest trends in sustainable beauty. When you buy traditional shampoo and conditioner, it comes in thick plastic containers that more often than not get thrown away. Think of all the bottles you’ve probably used in your lifetime. But you can stop that cycle by purchasing shampoo and conditioning bars instead. They are plastic-free, all-natural, and can be stored in convenient metal tins for travel. Most people who use them are also amazed by how long they last.

4) Ditch Plastic Tools

Another thing you can do to be environmentally-friendly is get rid of your plastic beauty tools. One of the biggest offenders is the makeup brush. Instead of buying a new set of plastic, artificially-made brushes, opt for a set of natural brushes instead. These are made of materials like bamboo, wood, and other natural fibers. You can apply this strategy to your hairbrushes and applicators as well.

5) Eliminate Microplastics

Although the number of beauty products containing micro-plastics has decreased, there are still some widely available options. This includes things like facial cleansers with micro-beads. When you use these products, the small plastics end up in the water systems. They eventually make their way into the oceans and surrounding areas where they hurt local wildlife. Buy an exfoliating pad instead and get the same effect.

6) Simplify Your Routine

The simpler your beauty routine is, the easier it will be on the environment overall. One strategy is to use less product. Always be mindful of how much you use and ask yourself if you need really need the product. Consider cutting out products that you don’t use anymore. When you simplify your beauty routine, you will also save time and money.

7) Brand Recycling Programs

One popular sustainability initiative that the beauty industry has taken advantage of is the brand recycling program. Certain brands will take your empty bottles and containers and recycle them. Some companies even offer incentives for recycling through their company such as discounts or freebies.

Eco-Friendly Products Are Easier to Get Than You Think

These are just a few easy ways to shake up your beauty routine for the planet. Always look for ways to be sustainable in your day-to-day life – they’re easier to buy than you think!