The term green living refers to a lifestyle that has a low negative impact on the environment. It is practicing habits that promote the health of our planet as well as the creatures living in it. Green living campaigns are programs that aim to educate people on the importance of these practices that create a healthy environment. They are essential in helping the government and local organizations achieve objectives on environmental conservation. This article explains some of the eight impressive campaigns that encourage green living. They include the following:

1. Trees for Cities

The focus of this campaign is on greening community spaces by planting trees. The campaign engages individuals in planting about a hundred trees in urban areas every year. Most of these individuals are volunteers. By this practice, the organization builds resilience against any possible threats facing the planet. Planting trees also helps beautify our cities and improve the natural outlook. Trees are essential in absorbing pollutants, saving water, proving oxygen, and growing food. If you are willing to support this campaign, you can join in tree planting day or contribute to fundraising events.

2. Charity Water

This organization focuses on providing safe and clean drinking water to individuals in developing countries. The organization achieves this by giving new life to one of the most vital natural resources. Consuming unsafe water can result in various health issues like diarrhea, cholera, or typhoid. The campaign declares that using clean and safe water is a fundamental human right. The organization helps people by choosing the most affected areas in the world. After, the campaign proceeds to offer sanitation and water services in those countries.

3. We Don’t Have Time

The main focus of this green campaign is on climate change. As the name suggests, the organization creates awareness that people shouldn’t mess with climate change. According to the organization, the movement is open for anyone willing to join the campaign. The organization creates awareness by providing printed vintage shirts on climate change to people. If you want to be involved, you can check them out on their website. This strategy helps reach out to more individuals. It is also an excellent way of raising funds for the organization.

4. Slow Food

Slow food is a campaign that focuses on local food. The organization educates individuals on the best ways to make wise decisions when it comes to selecting food. The campaign embraces food traditions. The organization also creates awareness of the importance of animal welfare and modified organisms. It strives to promote traditional cooking as an exception for fast foods. It also encourages farming of seeds, plants, and livestock for the local ecosystem. The campaign also strives to focus on the quality and not the quantity of food. It speaks against food waste and overproduction. According to the organization, globalization should involve protecting food producers and local farmers from harmful global food systems.

5. Surfers against Sewage

This organization aims to enhance the quality of oceans, wildlife, and beaches. The campaign provides a safe environment by cleaning up sewage pollution, marine litter. This practice increases awareness of the harm climate change and toxic chemicals have on our planet. The organization hopes to make people realize the benefits of conserving the marine environment to mitigate marine litter while advocating for climate change and improving the quality of water in the oceans. The campaign also strives to change industrial and government practices that are not eco-friendly.

6. I Want to Be

The main focus of this green campaign is on recycling materials for the safety of the environment. It turns things like aluminum cans and water bottles into useful and inventive objects like bikes and park benches. The organization collects the garbage that would otherwise pollute the environment and turns it into purposeful objects in various creative ways. It promotes consumer awareness and an individual’s participation in recycling. The campaign provides information on which items to recycle and how to reuse them with the recycled product.

7. Think. Eat. Save

This campaign is on the mission to create awareness for people about food waste. It is common to find people tossing expired chicken or ripened bananas in the trash. The campaign on cutting down on food waste helps individuals realise the dangers associated with such practices. It helps change our habitats. When you are dumping food, it means you waste water and energy and impact the land that produces the food. In the recent past, the disposal of food has made a significant contribution to the emission of greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the environment. The organization strives to stop this by campaigning against food waste.

8. Ditch Disposable

As the name suggests, this campaign aims to do away with disposable plastic bottles in favor of tap water. Tap water is cost-effective and eco-friendly. The campaign also helps individuals to save on money since bottled water is far more expensive than tap water. Bottles are damaging to the environment. It helps people make conserving the environment a lifestyle by staying hydrated smartly and safely.

Every day the media fills with information on ways to best protect our planet from harmful products. It is our responsibility to take concrete steps towards embracing all the guidelines by the above green campaigns and others to keep the environment safe for ourselves. You don’t have to join green organizations to keep the environment safe. Our actions should inspire change.