Every year presents you with the wonderful opportunity to give your living spaces a whole new look. Because the bedroom is your haven, redecorating it takes top priority. Nowadays, there are so many things you can do to refresh your bedroom and make it look beautiful without having to spend a lot of money.

Here’s a list of brilliant and budget-friendly bedroom decorating ideas for you to try out:

1. Get rid of the clutter around you.

Before you even consider buying new furniture or accent pieces, clean your bedroom first. Throw away unused papers, books, clothes, and toys. Set aside what you can donate or sell at a garage sale. Freeing up space is one way to change how the room looks and even how you feel when you spend time in your decluttered bedroom – and don’t even have to spend a single cent.

Cleaning up your bedroom also helps you decide which belongings or furniture you want to keep, giving you an idea of how much space is available should you choose to redecorate.

2. Invest in boxes, containers, and shelves to organize your things.

Once you’ve decluttered your bedroom, buy color-coordinated boxes to put your things in. Label boxes accordingly so your stuff stays organized. You may also purchase a new shelf or two, which can store your books or small décor.

3. Purchase new linen for your bed. 

The main piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed. So, start by treating yourself to a new set of bedsheets, comforters, blankets, and pillowcases. You may get colors that contrast with the paint in your room, or prints that complement the interest of your kids if you’re redecorating their bedroom. When you go online to shop or visit physical stores, have a guide with photos handy to help you in selecting the perfect beddings.

4. Rearrange the furniture in your room. 

If you don’t plan to buy anything new for your room, you can still give your bedroom a fresh look by moving different pieces of furniture around. If your bed was placed against a wall, you may experiment by moving it beside a window. You may put your dresser next to your bed, or opt to have your bookshelf within easy reach when you’re reclining in bed.

How you arrange the things in your room can sometimes spell the difference between comfort and discomfort. Try to maximize the available space and achieve a measure of balance when arranging your furniture. This way, even small rooms can appear spacious and cozy.

5. Create a new nook or area in your bedroom.

Jazz things up by setting aside a small area in your room for a reading space or a writing corner. You may also experiment with creating a music nook by filling one corner up with a music player, a rug or carpet, and your collection of CDs.

If you’re fixing up your kids’ room, you may want to explore giving them a cozy reading area or a corner devoted solely to arts and craft supplies, as well as projects.

6. Give your walls a fresh new look.

Treat the four walls of your room as art spaces or a blank canvas that you can play around with. Here are some things you can try when redecorating your bedroom walls:

• Repaint one wall using a striking color. If your walls are painted in neutral or light colors, you may want to spice things up by painting one wall a deep red or navy blue.

• Give all the four walls a fresh coat of paint. If you’re still loving the color of your bedroom walls, you may simply opt to give it a retouch.

• Use stencils to draw and paint patterns or create borders on your walls. These small details will make the walls look more attractive.

• Hang new pieces of artwork. One sure way to change how the whole bedroom looks is to buy new paintings or print fresh pictures, and mount these on the walls around your room.

7. Choose a rug or two to decorate your floor. 

Another simple way you can dress up your room without spending a lot is by buying a decorative rug to add color and brighten up the room.

8. Make your room more vibrant by adding a touch of green.

Bring life to your room by purchasing house plants to put in strategic corners. You may opt for a big potted plant in one corner or a set of tiny plants by your windowsill. Plants can give your room a fresh look, as well as regulate the temperature or ward off mosquitoes depending on the type of plant you want to put.

In addition, you may put fresh colorful flowers in pretty vases and place these on your desk or dresser to liven up the mood.


Redecorating your bedroom can be both exciting and therapeutic. The good news is that it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg for you to transform your room into a beautiful space. You just need to follow these simple tips in order to give your bedroom a stunning but affordable makeover.