With almost everyone living their hectic lives, it may be hard to keep in touch with your girlfriends as you used to when your lives were simpler. Whether you’re a mother, a working college student, or a full-time office worker, taking a break and spending quality time with the best women in your lives is important. Not only will this give you time to forget about the real world, but planning a get-together will also strengthen your friendship and sister-like bonding.

So, are you planning to take your girlfriends out for an all-girls day out? Unwind yourselves together and try out these eight fun things to achieve the perfect girls’ day out:

1. Manicure And Pedicure

One of the favorite things most girls love to do is get manicures and pedicures. While you’re chilling in your chairs and enjoying the nail beauty treatments, you also get a chance to catch up, talk about the latest happenings or gossips, or read the magazine.
If the idea of visiting a salon is quite costly, you can always host your own mani-pedi session in your bedroom or one of your friends’ rooms. This will give all of you a chance to get crafty with your nail designs while making memories with your girlfriends.

2. Have A Photoshoot

Some women just don’t feel comfortable or confident having their photos taken by their partner, much less a stranger, for their social media pictures. So, if you and your girls finally get a chance to get together, consider having a photoshoot. You have two options on how you can host this. It can be an indoor photoshoot wherein you use a room with a blank background or an outdoor photoshoot in which you’ll utilize nature as a background to produce stunning photos.

For an indoor photoshoot, you and your friends can take turns in modeling in front of the camera as you use different props like flowers, sunglasses, and glitters to make your photos more interesting and exciting. For example, you can ask one of your girls to throw the glitters above your head while you strike a pose for a perfect glittery effect. Just make sure you read more about glitter photo shoot tips to prevent it from getting into your eye.

Meanwhile, if you proceed with an outdoor photoshoot, you and your friends can travel to the beach, park, or the most top part of a building and do your photoshoot there with the stunning backgrounds.

3. Watch A Sports Game

Some girls are sports enthusiasts too! So, if you and your girlfriends love watching a particular sport and are rooting for the same team, take the day off together and watch a live sports game. You and your friends will indeed have fun cheering for your favorite teams while enjoying your popcorns and drinks.

4. Do A Mini-Makeover

If you and your friends are in the mood to look fancy and extra pretty today, you can have a mini-makeover. For this activity, each of you will bring your best collections of makeup or cosmetics to share with your girls. This could also be an opportunity to give each other new tips and advice about the latest makeup trend, or you can also check out some recent makeup trends on the internet together and try to imitate them. Lastly, don’t forget to snap some pictures of your glamorous makeup afterward.

5. Have A Spa Day

Another way to have fun with your girlfriends is to have a spa day. Drive your way into a spa resort and enjoy relaxing massages and spa treatments together. You may also bring a bottle of champagne to share with your girls and make the experience similar to a luxurious vacation.

If driving to a spa resort can be a bit over the budget, you can have an at-home spa day instead. Take out your scented candles, bathrobes, waffle slippers, and self-massage kits (e.g., electric back and neck massager, foot massage ball, electric hand massager) and unwind with your friends.

6. Go Camping

Girls are just as adventurous as men. If you and your friends have the same interest in the outdoors, you can go camping on a campground you’ve never visited before. Make sure you bring complete camping gear and other outdoor camping essentials for a smooth and safe camping experience.

Meanwhile, for girls who want to go camping but have never done it before, it may be best if you have a backyard camping first or camp out somewhere close to your hometown and see how you feel about it.

7. Watch A Live Music Festival

Another thing you should try doing with your girlfriends is watching a live music festival together. This will be fun, especially if you and your friends share the same taste in music, or better yet, admire the same artists. So, get your tickets, dance to the music, and chat away.

8. Go On A Picnic

Having a picnic with your girlfriends may sound simple, but that doesn’t make it less fun. Let each of your friends, including yourself, bring your best homemade delicacy. It can be cookies, sandwiches, pies, and more. Make sure you don’t park at the same place you went to last time to make it more interesting. You can go somewhere new like at the hilltop, on a rooftop, or at a park you’ve never been to before.

Wrap Up

Having a perfect girls’ day out with your favorite people isn’t about the expensive experiences or how much money you spend. It’s about reconnecting and bonding with the women that give you joy and creating memorable memories together. So, set a specific day for your day-offs and try these fun ideas above.