When people consider major real estate investment opportunities, they often picture downtown-bound business buildings and other “high scale” locations. However, for those looking to build a real estate empire, the suburbs are actually one of the most reliable and profitable places to consider. The massive size of the lone star state makes it a key area that anyone looking to invest in suburban real estate property should consider. If you want to zone in on the most promising suburban areas in Texas, here are eight promising suburban areas to invest in real estate in Texas:

Corpus Christi

Although not as well-known, Corpus Christin is the eighth-largest city in the lone star state (and given the massive size of Texas, that’s no small feat). If you’re looking for waterfront property, rental properties that will appeal to vacationers and locals alike, and a unique Texan culture, Corpus Christi should make it onto your shortlist of potential areas to invest in within Texas. The consistently growing job growth rate in the city will make your deal that much more secure, so be sure to give this choice serious consideration.


The suburban pockets in Houston are home to families that work in some of America’s biggest, most famous industries and businesses (including NASA’s Mission Control Center)! In fact, 41 Fortune 1000 companies have a major presence in Houston, making it a high-income area that’s perfect for raising a family. If you’re looking to invest in single-family homes to rent in Texas, Houston is one of the absolute best locations to consider.

El Paso

This charming West Texas locale has been one of Texas’s best-kept secrets for many years, as its moderate, but consistently increasing property rates make it a safe bet for real estate investors. The job market is seeing a stellar 2.3 percent growth rate or higher most years as well, so the suburban areas are becoming more and more in demand. If you’re investing in El Paso, you’ll want to zone in on single-family homes for the best return on your investments.

San Antonio

San Antonio has remained a popular tourist destination for both in-state and out-of-state visitors for decades. However, despite its tourist-heavy business industry, it’s also home to a ton of professional families, who tend to live in high-value, family-friendly suburban areas on the outskirts of the city. If you’re looking for an area that will be centered right at the heart of Texas to invest in, San Antonio provides an absolutely stellar option.

Fort Worth

Although Fort Worth is often lumped in with Dallas as being one massive area, this is far from the truth. Fort Worth has its own unique flavor and suburban areas to invest in, and can prove just as profitable as locations you’d invest in inside of the Dallas area. However, there’s a larger focus on family homes in the Fort Worth area, so be sure to keep this in mind before developing an investment plan for Fort Worth. The continual boom in real estate in Fort Worth during the pandemic should help ease your worries about the profits the real estate game is nearly-certain to bring you.


Even if you’ve never considered profiting from real estate before, the insane reputation Austin has for property values is sure to be lodged somewhere in your mind. The city has seen its properties rising in value at astronomical rates for over thirty years now, and these rising prices show no signs of stopping. If you can afford to invest in one of the many amazing single-family homes or rental properties that decorate the suburbs of Austin, you’ll be nearly certain to make insane profits off of the venture.


The sheer number of suburban communities that are spread across the Dallas area is hard to overstate. Additionally, the city brings in more than 25 million tourists each and every year, adding to the already immense foot traffic in the city. Whether you’re looking to rent out single-family homes or invest in rental properties that will bring in a wider variety of clientele, Dallas is well set up for your real estate ventures. The amazing cultural attractions in the city help to sweeten the deal that much further.


Although it has not always been an all-star for real estate investors, the city of Lubbock has been seeing amazing growth rates (both with population and property values) over the last decade. The stellar job market and economy in the town make it a great spot for investors looking to invest in high-cost single-family homes, as the sheer amount of professional families that are flooding into the area year after year will give you a consistent, reliable clientele base to profit from. Eco-friendly homes are seeing a surge in popularity in Lubbock as well, so be sure to consider their appeal when choosing an investment in the area.

Live Your Suburban Dreams in Style

If you find a suburb that absolutely charms you, the income you’ll bring in with your investments could allow you to buy your own dream suburban property. Especially if you’re looking to raise a family on the profits you’ll make from your suburban real estate ventures, this strategy should prove incredibly attractive. With these eight cities at our fingertips, you’ll be able to make that first crucial step on this life-changing journey.