Synthetic turf is a versatile and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass that can help create a beautiful and functional space around your home.

Do you know you can use synthetic turf to enhance your home décor? You are familiar with the use of artificial grass as a lawn replacement. Yet, with some forethought, you can use it for interior and outdoor decorations.

Are you considering ways to add green to your home? Taking stock of your hobbies and interests is the first step to getting ideas. For instance, if you like to play golf, chances are you’d welcome the opportunity to practice more. Installing a putting green in your backyard can be a great idea. On the other hand, if you talk to a landscape designer, they may suggest adding a walkway to your garden for a vibrant and lush look all year.

Here are some creative ideas on using synthetic turf to augment your home décor!

1. Create an Indoor Putting Green

Who doesn’t enjoy playing golf? But while you’d love to have your putting green in your home, your garden may lack space. Or The cost and weather prevent you from installing one outdoors.

How about creating one indoors? It’s considerably more straightforward than you can imagine and gives an entirely different perspective on the conventional “man cave.” This way, you can play a few rounds despite the weather and keep a conversation going with your family or friends.

To create an indoor putting green, all you have to do is create a frame, lay the synthetic grass inside, and cut it to size.

2. Use It as Wall Covering

Another novel way to use artificial turf around your home is to cover walls. It may give a fun, unique touch to your home’s space. You can also use it to create wall art. For instance, you can cut it into shapes and make a collage or mural. There are numerous options for synthetic grass wall designs out there.

There are different design options if you wish to use it as a wall covering. You can create designs and patterns using different synthetic turf colors. Or, you can keep it simple by covering the entire wall with a single color. Further, you can decorate your grass wall with embellishments like flowers or LED lights.

3. Create a Play Area for Your Pet

Consider giving your pet/dog a more comfortable play area if your backyard is more concrete than grass. Ornamental grass can transform any surface into something more inviting and natural. Concrete surfaces usually injure your dog’s pads and nails.

Since an artificial lawn resembles natural grass, your dog will enjoy rolling and running about on its surface. You can easily clean the grass using soapy water and a hose, and you will never have to be concerned about your pet bringing mud indoors.

4. Glam Up Your Gazebo

Ornamental turf can turn your gazebo into a warm and inviting outdoor lounge. If it isn’t possible to use it on the floor, don’t worry. You can apply it to the walls, floor, or ceiling.
Employ creative patterns and bright colors to add a luxurious and unique vibe to your gazebo. Some lighting and outdoor furniture will help make it even more lively and welcoming.

5. Develop a Rooftop Garden

Developing your rooftop garden is another excellent way to use the turf around your home. You can transform your rooftop into a soothing getaway at the center of a concrete city without worrying about the weight of drainage and soil requirements.

The best thing about synthetic grass is that it is resistant to cold and hot temperatures and can withstand extreme weather conditions. For a more excellent patio, you can also add artificial stone carpets.

6. Make a Safe and Stylish Pool Surround

Who doesn’t want their pool area to make a splash? Your pool is either the hub of all games and fun or the centerpiece of your backyard. Ornamental turf can easily accommodate the best of both worlds; a lush strip of artificial grass can make your pool area more stylish and safer than a typical lawn.

Natural grass tends to lose traction and turn to slick mud, and while sandstone and concrete are popular, they don’t create a similar feeling of poolside paradise like a vast swathe of green grass. A thin strip around the perimeter can even look great and provide much more excellent traction underfoot.

7. Hide Ugly Outdoor Features

We all have things we don’t appreciate in our yard, like compost heaps, trash bins, etc. Yet, although you find them ugly and don’t like them, they are integral components of your yard. Covering such elements with synthetic grass to match your yard may be the ideal solution to creating an appealing atmosphere around your home.

You can choose how you want to approach this. For example, you can create an entire boxed-in area for your trash bins, and once you’re done, all you need to do is lay the ornamental grass over them. You can cover the items with artificial grass if you prefer to keep things simple. Being inventive will help you produce something unique for your yard.

8. Design Home Furniture

Regarding the aesthetic advantages of indoor synthetic grass, consider how lovely the artificial turf would look on your furniture. You don’t have to cover your living room end tables or dining benches entirely. A little bit of a green touch can make a huge difference.

Consider covering the legs of your dining table or couch with ornamental turf. Imagine how it may appear as a seat cushion or part of your bed’s headboard.


There is more to synthetic turf than just fake grass. It is cost-effective, requires little maintenance, and saves money and time. As it is such as flexible and versatile material, you can mould it into various sizes and shapes and use it to spruce up your home décor.