Selling music as an artist can be tougher than you think. The competition out there is so massive that even the most talented artists may not be able to make a mark. What really works is good marketing because it can make you visible and extend your reach. However, you need to devise a marketing plan that brings together the best strategies to get you the popularity you deserve. So what are the strategies that can help you achieve great results within minimal time and cost? If you are not really sure about the ones that will work in the competitive landscape, here is a list that can help.

Invest in a winning website

Having an online presence is the key to winning the game because this is where the fans will start looking for you. If you don’t already have a website, invest in one sooner rather than later. Make sure that the website narrates your story in a way that your audience feels engaged and is able to connect with you. Beyond just creating a site, showcase your music on it as well. Embedding videos is a great idea and so is adding a link to a live streaming platform playlist. You may even sell your albums or concert tickets on the website.

Don’t forget the old school as well

While embracing the digital media keeps you ahead, you should still include the old-school tactics in your campaign. Though people love accessing music through websites and streaming channels, there is still a segment of the audience that likes the traditional approach. You cannot afford to ignore this segment because it is considerably sizeable. Advertise on billboards and radio and give away stickers and posters the way promotions were done years ago. Give away brand merchandize to show fans that they are special to you.

Throw a special concert

Another old-school strategy that you must absolutely embrace is organizing concerts to market your latest release. Playing at the clubs around the town is a good idea to start with, at least when local reach matters a lot. Also, host one at the favorite go-to venue for your target audience. But don’t confine your music to just the local spots because this will make your reach limited. Rather, reach out to the audience by hosting concerts in other locations. You can even try doing it at unconventional places because this gives you a chance to unlock great potential for your growth and reach.

Leverage social media

When it comes to extending your reach, don’t underestimate the power of social media. Laurel Daggers from AmWorldgroup.com says that social media is absolutely key in getting ahead in the entertainment industry. Music lovers spend a considerable period of time on social media and not being there means that you are missing out on connections. Do leverage the popular social media platforms as a part of your music marketing plan. Not only does this tactic gives you immense exposure, but also paves the way for propagation. Your fans will be more than willing to share your music across their social profiles.

Create cross-platform communities

Beyond just having social media pages to strengthen your presence as an artist, work on creating communities as well. Essentially, community building involves giving a unified platform to your fanbase. This is where they can share views, give feedback and interact with each other. The existing members can bring in more members to grow your community as well. Cross-platform communities can play a vital role in an artist’s growth because they connect you with fans everywhere.

Be on the right Spotify playlists

If you really want to make your music reach everywhere, being on Spotify is mandatory. This is the music streaming channel that almost every music lover uses these days. But just being there will not do the trick; you need to ensure that your music figures on the right playlists. Be a part of the Spotify for Artists program as it enables you to manage a profile as well as submit your songs to Spotify playlists for review. Try to secure a place in the niche playlists instead of just running after the big ones. Niche playlists connect you with the audience that really matters.

Focus on branding

If you think that music marketing is just about selling a greater number of albums, you are absolutely mistaken. As a matter of fact, your plan should focus on establishing you as a musical brand. Prioritize your unique selling proposition and convey it to your audience so that they understand what makes you stand apart in the competitive landscape. Branding is also about being consistent across the entire marketing channels, both online and offline. Simply speaking, your logo, imagery, and visuals should be the same, whether on your website, social communities, billboards or flyers. The idea is to ensure that your fans recognize you anywhere and everywhere.

Optimize the campaigns for your audience

Just like marketing any other product or service, music marketing also involves following your audience. Ideally, your strategy should aim at winning your target audience. First things first, you need to build a buyer persona by identifying the demographics and preferences of the audience you plan to reach out to. Once you tailor your strategies to the audience’s expectations, you will probably be able to connect with them in a better way.

Sending a personalized email, for example, is a great way to connect and engage. You can even send the fans a discount on the event tickets or your album to gain their favor. The more thoughtful you are, the better you will be able to engage the audience.

Now that you understand the elements of a holistic music marketing plan, you can assess where you currently stand. At the same time, these strategies are equally important for those investing in music marketing for the first time. While each of these strategies is important, the key lies in finding the right mix. A winning plan is the one that focuses on reaching out to the right people and engaging them with your music.