For decades, leather has been used as a primary material for bags and clothes. It’s strong, easy to find, built to withstand rough use, and fast to assemble. Up to date, it continues to take the lead as the best material for bags. Its most common source is cows, but it also comes from other animals, such as alligators, sheep, goats, pigs, and even ostriches.

There are three types of leather you’ll find: full-grain leather, corrected-grain leather, and suede. Full-grain leather boasts no imperfections and looks better with time. For instance, full-grained calfskin bags are known for their exquisite design, high quality, and smooth texture. Corrected-grain leather features a fuzzy side and a smooth part on the other. This smooth part is produced by sanding off the natural grain of the hide and adding an artificial grain through a stamping process. On the other hand, suede is soft and velvet-like, common in backpack and hobo style bags. It’s available in other styles too, like satchels, top handle bags, and shoulder bags.

Leather bags will continue to be a popular choice and a worthwhile investment not only because of their durability but their timeless elegance as well. You can wear it anywhere you go. It’ll make you look dapper, stunning, or professional when you attend a board or business meeting. On top of that, it’s a great accessory for making a fashion statement. Wear a monochromatic outfit and match it with a red or a purple leather bag for a pop of color.

What’s more, leather bags make for stylish and comfortable travel bags. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a leather travel bag.

Best Leather Weekend Bag

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Why You Should Get A Leather Travel Bag

1. Durability

As mentioned earlier, leather is among the most durable materials, with full-grain leather being the sturdiest type that can last decades if well-maintained. Additionally, leather bags don’t get damaged by heavy objects easily. Thus, travel bags made of full grain leather are tough and can withstand more when carrying heavy loads.

2. Lightweight

Contrary to what most people think, leather bags are lightweight. In fact, a leather travel bag is lighter than a suitcase. Moreover, a premium quality leather bag is lighter than a nylon or a canvas backpack.

The reason why leather bags are light is the tanning process, which refers to how leather is produced. During the process, the hide is stabilized through the use of mineral materials to make it durable.

Before you pick a leather travel bag, make sure to steer clear of low-quality leather that’s a bit heavier.

3. Variety Of Colors And Designs

Some people have a misconception that leather bags only come in black or brown colors. Another misconception is that there are limited leather bag designs. However, leather bags actually feature different colors and designs, such as duffle leather bags and travel backpacks.

4. Water-Resistant

Good quality leather can resist water. You’ll find that water droplets slide instantly on a leather surface if you watch closely. Since leather is water-resistant, your essentials are well protected. In addition, leather is resistant to heat, so your belongings will remain safe in hot weather.

However, while leather bags are designed with rough use in mind, you should avoid contact with excessive water and sunlight. Too much water can make the bag wet and cause it to harden when the water dries up.

5. Easy Maintenance

Caring for a leather bag is as simple as wiping it away with a cloth. While leather has some water-resistant capability, exposing it to excessive wetness might cause it to crack. So, to maintain its supple texture, keep your leather bag away from water sources, as well as direct sunlight.

For thorough cleaning, you should use a leather cleaner. Alternatively, you can make a homemade leather cleaner by mixing equal amounts of hot water and vinegar.

6. Eco-Friendliness

Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather is a natural material that doesn’t require additional chemicals during the manufacturing process. In fact, it’s among the materials used to manufacture high-quality leather bags. Besides being environmentally friendly, leather bags made from vegetable tanning are strong.

7. Elegance

Leather bags exude class and sophistication. When carrying a top-grain leather travel bag, whether it’s black, brown, navy blue, or any other color, you’ll feel like the most elegant person on the train, bus, or wherever you go. A leather bag’s classic style is something you won’t trade for any other bag.

8. Long-Term Investment

You might think that a leather travel bag will cost you a fortune. But the truth is, you don’t have to break the bank to invest in one. While a leather travel bag might be a bit more expensive than others, you’ll end up saving more in the long run because of its durability.
For instance, you can pay less for a typical travel bag, such as a suitcase, but you’ll find yourself replacing it quickly due to its low capability to withstand rough use. On the other hand, you’re guaranteed prolonged service with a leather travel bag. In short, a leather travel bag offers value for money.

9. Practical Features

Leather travel bags have soft and comfortable straps, perfect for the shoulders. These straps are well crafted to prevent them from slipping off your shoulders. Aside from the straps, most leather travel bags have separate compartments for personal gadgets, such as phones, laptops, among others, as well as a main compartment where you can store your clothes.

Hence, leather travel bags are ideal for people who need to bring a lot of essentials for their vacation.


As stylish as they’re durable, leather bags are a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time and make you look great. They come in a wide range of designs, such as briefcases, totes, messenger bags, and, of course, travel bags. Treat yourself to a classic, beautiful leather weekend bag and travel in style.