The location of Panama City is in the Panhandle, and water surrounds nearly the entire area. It can offer many things for a traveler to explore. It is not too far from a well-known throughout the year holiday destination with sightseeing that no one in your family would like to miss. The main attraction of the city is the beach that has a stretch of twenty miles. The beach is calm, clean, has white sand and azure water.

Mostly on pretty days, you will find many sun worshippers crowding the narrow and long coastline. Many condo buildings and sky-touching hotels give the beach a worthy picture-perfect look.

There is a lot to offer, for instance, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and diving which pulls many tyros and avid water enthusiasts toward the beach. Also, within a short drive, there are many challenging golf courses.

If you wish to do anything beyond physical activities and the beach, Panama City offers two outstanding areas: Harrison Avenue and the historic St Andrews district. The entire day galleries, restaurants, and shops of both are full of different activities.

The weather in Panama City features tropical maritime. The wet season is misty; it is partly cloudy and windy during the dry season and usually oppressive and hot throughout the year.

The temperature ranges from seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. It never goes over ninety-three degrees Fahrenheit. The chances of going below seventy-four-degree Fahrenheit are pretty less.

There are many attractions that a tourist would love to explore in Panama City. Let us look at these places in detail.

1. The Art Gallery

The visitors of Panama City seeking additional refined cultural pursuits feel joyful to be in this gallery. The gallery has exhibited metalwork, murals, paintings, and portraiture by famous artists such as Robert Hodgell, Betty Tenhundfeld Johnson, Dorothy Vickers, and Dan Dunn since 1966.

2. Bay Point Golf Club

The Bay Point Golf club is not too far from the Panama City beaches. It is the prime destination for golfers to enjoy hitting the fairways. Bay Point has two exquisite yet challenging courses, the Nicklaus Course, formerly called Lagoon Legend, and the Meadows Course.

The guest has the opportunity to take the equipment and even the club on rent. Also, they can have a group or individual training from PGA-approved professionals. Post-round they can enjoy Club19 with a cocktail.

3. Shell Island

Shell Island is an uninhabited place near the coast and is a famous destination to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can see Marine dolphins with a bottle-shaped snout playing in the water that surrounds the island. It is the home of many fascinating critters and creatures.
Fun is for sure on this island which is far off from the city tourist beaches. Your day can include relaxation on the sand and a swim with dolphins. One cannot miss renting a kayak and registering for snorkeling packages.

4. St. Andrews State Park

Admirers of nature will adore this pristine Gulf Coast preserve, where the scenic beauty will leave you completely stunned. You will see soft, white beaches placed between peaceful, blue water and lush native flora.

The Park comprises nature trails, a scope for different water sports, and two fishing piers. If you are an RV enthusiast, St. Andrews provides you with two campgrounds. You can buy souvenirs, snacks and fish supplies, and camping from the on-site concession zone.

5. Shipwreck Island Waterpark

The Shipwreck Island waterpark is a fun place for children of every age, especially in summer. It is a family water park that children enjoy the most by splashing around. The Park consists of many exciting rides like Pirates Plunge and Raging Rapids. Also, it has attractions best suited for kids, like the lazy river, flume ride, and wave pool.

The park’s tropical landscape offers an ideal place for the restful pursuit to use their time in flowering beauty. Apply your sun protection and fasten your seatbelt to have some real fun!

6. Gulf World Marine Park

The Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City is one of the great attractions providing an opportunity to know about animals. There is education and fun for each family member, where you can see tropical birds, reptiles, stingrays, sea lions, and dolphins to have a memorable time.

Also, through some special programs, the guest can grab the opportunity to swim with a dolphin. The Park has a Tropical Garden theatre where you can enjoy concert performances.

7. Captain Anderson’s Marina

If you like to enjoy the water, Captain Anderson Marina has to be the first choice. Here the daily slate covers many kinds of famous day trips and excursions. Nothing to worry about if you are not aware of sea and sailing; you can still enjoy the journey of saltwater fishing, dolphin tours, and island tours with friendly and trained guides.

A romantic couple has the opportunity to enjoy dinner on a cruise. Tours are available even for smaller groups. Before turning back to your home port, ensure to visit the on-site seafood and fish market.

8. Panhandle Helicopter

You can tour Panama City by boarding the Panhandle Helicopter that gives you a view of beautiful beaches from the sky. It gives you an out-of-the-world experience by chartering an individual flight or taking it as a scenic tour package.

The flight duration varies from five to twenty-five minutes. The helicopter tour ensures safety and gives you enough opportunities to capture the Gulf and mesmerizing beaches.

9. Mckenzie Park

Mckenzie Park is a green space and not too far from the city center. It is a great place to roll you back to nature and organizes various local events all around the year. The Park comprises the walking path and tree shades to give you a pleasant feeling from the busy city life. In the park, you can beat the heat of burning summer days.

Panama City – A Place for Unlimited Fun

Everyone likes to make their holiday memorable. Panama City has everything that is fascinating and allows you to enjoy it to the fullest. Every place, let it be an island, parks, beaches, or city center, different activities await all. It has many attractions to explore hence plan out a long holiday to enjoy in every possible place.

You will never forget your holiday in Panama City. It is a place that can attract you not once but many times. There is something in store for everyone in the family. Quality time with your loved ones is a guarantee. If you are a nature lover, Panama City is the place that gives you a pleasant and peaceful feeling.