Thanks to years of conditioning by pop culture and media, it has been incorporated in our minds that if you love tech, you need to wear huge glasses and dress poorly! The truth is far from that of course, and most of us already know this, but just in case someone still thinks that a celeb and a geek cannot co-exist in one person, it is time for them to go through the following list and see what we are talking about here.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis may not look the part in After Sex, Friends with Benefits and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but she was a well-known World of Warcraft player at one point of time. In fact, her obsession with the game was so great that Kunis ultimately stopped herself from playing the game anymore back in 2012. It has been a while since then and she has kept her gaming life out of the media from then onwards, but we are pretty sure that she has not given up on gaming totally.

Jimmy Fallon

The comedian, singer, and talk show host is famous for more reasons than one, but Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show are two places where he has earned most of his reputation. It is no coincidence that it is also during the course of these two famous American talk shows that Jimmy Fallon had talked the most about video games and technology. Did you know that Fallon almost completed a computer programmer’s graduate degree from the College of Saint Rose in New York? He is proficient in C++, alongside a number of other core languages, and would have become a computer programmer in all probability, had he not switched over to Mass Communications when there was just one more semester left in his computer programmer’s degree course. He has explicitly shown interest in being part of any future show that has something to do with coding.

Ashton Kutcher

Personalized computers, smartphones, and cars are not new in Tinseltown and these days, even the regular user can get a customized MacBook keyboard cover or a personalized iPhone case to give their gadgets a refreshing look. However, with Ashton Kutcher, things went reverse and he got a customized role to play one of the greatest names in tech of all time, aka Steve Jobs. The movie (Jobs) might not have been a big hit, but Kutcher was absolutely thrilled to get the role; a fact that was made evident when he dropped everything else to concentrate on becoming Steve Jobs. Aside from his unique role, Ashton Kutcher also co-owns a company named A-Grade Investments that loans out investment capitals to new app developers and start-up online retailers.

William James Adams Jr. (will.i.am)

The lead member of The Black Eyed Peas isn’t just a music person, but a serious tech enthusiast as well. In fact, will.i.am’s level of knowledge goes beyond that of the average tech enthusiast by far. Did you know that will.i.am was appointed as the head of Creative Innovation at Intel back in 2011? From robotics to laptops, William James Adams Jr is a full-on tech man with deep knowledge in the field.

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor from The Nine Inch Nails was the Chief Creative Officer at Apple Music. Reznor was actually responsible for most of the major design changes which Apple had brought in 2015. While he may not be the best example in terms of making smart lifestyle choices, there is no doubt about the man’s enthusiasm and knowledge in regard to music and associated technology.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Yes, Leo finally did win that Oscar two years ago and during that ceremony, he made sure that everyone got to know how serious he is about saving the planet from its seemingly inevitable doom, but not too many people know about the fact that he also partnered with billionaire Carlos Slim to invest heavily in the photo sharing app Mobli. His advisory roles in marketing and branding the app did not bear much fruit unfortunately, but rest assured that the actor is not just a tech head but has a serious understanding of the environmental sciences as well.

Katie Cassidy

You do not expect your average Hollywood celebrity to be able to build a computer all on her own, but that’s pretty much standard stuff for Katie Cassidy, aka Black Canary. She had always been an avid gamer and a comic fan, but putting a PC together is just about as techie (or geeky) as it gets. Katie Cassidy is a self-proclaimed geeky celebrity who loves being that way.

Robin Williams

One cannot help but feel a sense of sadness each time the man’s name is mentioned and not without sufficient cause. Having said that, if we were to go back to a time when Patch Adams was still among us, he was known as a big-time gamer back then. In his memory, Blizzard has even created an NPC named Robin within World of Warcraft. Robin was a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series as well.

Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent)

50 Cent is not doing well financially as he has lost over 85% of his wealth in the course of just one year! Nevertheless, that has not curbed his famous enthusiasm for tech much. Whenever he is on tour or just on the road in general, you won’t find him without his MacBook, iPhone and a hi-tech Nikon camera for travel photography.

What we do forget at times is the fact that most celebrities are pretty smart people (most being the keyword!), who also happen to be quite talented in their craft. Therefore, the fact that some of them are overly enthusiastic about tech is not really that surprising. Technology has changed all our lives so much in so many ways that it would almost be weird if you did not have at least the minimum knowledge in regard to technology. In truth, we are all into technology; whether we realize it or not is an entirely different debate.