Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is fast becoming one of the most popular health foods around. Although it comes from the cannabis plant, CBD is breaking away from the negative stigma of the plant and branching out into the limelight. Cannabis itself is experiencing a shift in perception, and part of this is probably thanks to none other than CBD.

Unlike some of the other cannabinoids (active compounds in cannabis), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot get the user high. Nevertheless, it has the potential to have a positive effect on the body by interacting with an innate system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD and the ECS make a great team, working together to regulate a vast array of physiological and psychological functions like mood, appetite, sleep, pain, and more.

As more and more people become aware of the potential benefits of CBD, the sale of products containing the compound are skyrocketing. Most commonly, people take CBD oils, which are easy to fit into a daily routine and administer a certain amount of CBD. However, there are plenty of other options to try out, one of which is CBD edibles.

There are a surprising number of benefits to choosing CBD edibles over other methods of consumption, so let’s take a look at our top 9 reasons you should use CBD edibles.

1. CBD is incredibly healthy

First of all is the obvious benefit – CBD itself is really good for you, no matter how you take it. By stimulating the creation of molecular signallers called endocannabinoids, CBD can help to keep us healthy by making sure our ECS is always running smoothly. And with this comes a huge array of health benefits.

Most commonly, CBD is used as a treatment for chronic pain, as some studies have shown that it can reduce inflammation and thus help to treat symptoms of pain related to a variety of conditions. Its ability to combat seizures in patients with epilepsy is quite well-documented, as shown in this 2012 study by Gloss and Vickrey. Then there are its effects on the brain: Several studies have been conducted into CBD’s effects on anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Findings are overwhelmingly positive, with results of studies such as this one from 2014 suggesting that CBD could be used in the treatment of such disorders.

In general, there are numerous studies suggesting that CBD could be used as an alternative treatment for many conditions, suggesting that it has a lot to contribute to human health. Even if you don’t suffer from a chronic condition, CBD may be able to help you stay healthy by maintaining the ECS.

2. Edibles are long-lasting

Aside from the fact that CBD is healthy, there are some reasons why edibles in particular might be a good method of consumption. One of these is that CBD edibles have longer-lasting effects than the likes of CBD oils or CBD vape cartridges.

Something to note here is that it also takes longer for the effects to kick in. While the effects of an e-liquid can be felt almost instantly and an oil takes just a few minutes to sink in, edibles can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to take effect. This is because it is absorbed via the digestive system, which takes a little while to process things.

However, the effects of a CBD edible last between two and four hours longer than inhaled CBD. This means that if you are a sufferer of chronic conditions like chronic pain, edibles can be extremely useful as they keep the symptoms at bay for longer.

3. They taste a lot better than CBD oil

Anybody who has tried to get into CBD before will probably know about the notorious taste of CBD oils. Generally, these oils are unflavored and therefore taste like raw, unprocessed hemp, the taste of which is not pleasant to say the least. While some people can push past the earthy, distinct taste of CBD oil, others become nauseous and simply can’t stand to put it in their mouths.

Luckily, though, CBD edibles taste great! You can make edibles using CBD oil and any meal of your choice, meaning that, essentially, CBD can taste however you want it to taste. Whether it be sweet desserts or savoury tacos, you can put your CBD in anything and enjoy it with a delicious meal. No more wrinkling your face up at the horrid taste of CBD – switch over to edibles instead!

4. Less risk of lung conditions

Some people choose to get their CBD through high-CBD strains of marijuana (in states where this is legal, of course), and others choose to use CBD e-liquids in a vaporizer. Both of these methods can cause lung irritations, especially smoking marijuana in joint form. The toxins created by combustion are carcinogenic and smoke is generally harmful to the lungs.

While research into the exact long-term effects of vape pens is only nascent, it is thought that it is better than smoking traditionally. Nevertheless, some studies suggest that vaping CBD oil can be harmful due to the thinning agents used in the process of making CBD e-liquids, and it is not certain whether vaping is a bad habit or not.

Both smoking and vaping are still viable options for people who choose to get their CBD this way, but the health-conscious might be more inclined to choose edibles, which run no risk of causing lung conditions whatsoever.

5. Food adds to the health factor

By adding CBD into your food, you are simply improving your diet. Most CBD oils contain a range of plant compounds called terpenes, which give cannabis its unique smell and taste. These terpenes can also be found in a variety of other plants, some of which we already eat and which have positive effects on the body. Limonene, for example, can be found in the rinds of citrus fruits.

Terpenes can actually boost the effectiveness of CBD through something called the entourage effect. By consuming your CBD with a variety of other healthy compounds like terpenes, you are actually helping it to work even better.

Since you can add CBD to pretty much anything, you can keep your normal healthy diet and just throw some CBD into the mix. Try making a CBD-infused herbal tea or a CBD smoothie bowl!

6. You can buy tasty treats online

There is a huge range of CBD edibles now available to buy online if you don’t feel like making your own. These are usually gummies and candies, containing a specific dose of CBD per individual sweet.

As we have mentioned already, CBD edibles are a delicious way to get your daily intake of CBD, and it’s very easy to fit gummy bears into your daily routine as a quick morning snack!

These treats aren’t necessarily unhealthy, either. Many CBD manufacturers know how important staying healthy is to their customers, and so many of these CBD gummies are completely organic.

7. Edibles are super discreet

Despite the changing attitudes toward CBD and cannabis as a whole, some consumers prefer to keep their CBD usage on the downlow. This is where edibles are very useful. Some people need to take a couple of doses of CBD throughout the day to keep various symptoms at bay, and this often means having to consume it at work or in public. Dropping CBD oil under your tongue isn’t exactly subtle, and it can make some people feel self-conscious.

However, CBD edibles fix this problem. If you make yourself lunch to take to work, nobody will know that it’s infused with CBD. And if you simply snack on a CBD-infused gummy bear on your break, it won’t even cross anybody’s mind that it is packed full of cannabidiol. If you’re worried about keeping your CBD use low key, then edibles are ideal.

8. Some edibles make dosing very easy

When you buy CBD edibles online, the label will state exactly how much CBD is contained within each gummy, and how much is in the packet as a whole. This makes it incredibly easy to dose your CBD, and most companies are reliable enough to have mixed their recipe properly and have the CBD spread evenly throughout each gummy.

This means that, if you take 5 mg of CBD per serving and one gummy contains 10 mg, you can simply cut it in half and be confident that you are getting the right amount of cannabidiol. With dosing this simple, it’s easy to slot a CBD gummy into your routine.

Even if you make edibles at home, you can figure out how much CBD you’re getting. Just make sure you eat the whole meal!

9. There are so many to choose from

Nowadays, with the CBD industry as popular at it is, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to CBD edibles! There are so many different edibles sold online, in different forms and flavors and strengths. We guarantee you will be able to find the perfect edible out there for you.

And if you can’t, you can always make your own. There’s no reason to be stuck, either, because there are hundreds of CBD recipes on the internet for you to try out. Some of them are so incredibly easy that even a complete novice could cook them up, so there’s no reason not to try!