Celebrating a birthday, whether it’s yours or your friends, is always a fun time. However, if you have been left with the duty of planning your party this year, you may be feeling the pressure. How do you make the day one to remember? The best thing you can do is start with a theme; the good news is there are so many for you to choose from. This article has compiled a list of unique party themes that are sure to be enjoyed by your guests. We cover it all, from an ice cream party to an under-the-sea theme. Let’s dive in!


A pirate theme is really one that you can get carried away with. There are so many fantastic props that can help you bring your vision to life. Gold coins, treasure chests and swords are some popular options. The great thing about a pirate theme is that you can encourage your guests to dress up as pirates, which will look great in pictures. You can find plenty of pirate fancy dress pictures online for some inspiration. To keep your guests entertained throughout the day, you can host pirate-themed games like a treasure hunt. You could also create your own cannon ball toss by using a bucket and some mini footballs. These should be easy enough to source.

Hollywood Glamour

If your friends like to dress up, a Hollywood glamour theme is a must for your birthday party. You and your guests can put on your best dress and dance the night away with some Hollywood-themed cocktails. The main aim for the decor is glitz and glam, so nothing is off limits. You can keep it classy with a black and gold color scheme throughout and ensure there are plenty of picture opportunities. After all, your guests have put on their best dress, so they will certainly be ready for a paparazzi shot. You can create your own red carpet where your guests enter, and why not make your very own Hollywood stars too? Find a design online and customize them with your guests’ names.


An under-the-sea-themed party is truly a magical experience. The idea is simple; you want to base your decorations around the ocean. So, incorporate a lot of blue and sea creatures into the décor. You can make the theme more specific based on your interest. For example, you could focus the décor mostly on mermaids or your favorite sea creatures. As for the food, you can really have fun with it. You can stick edible eyes on croissants to make them look like crabs, or you could cut sandwiches into starfish. There is plenty of ways that you can get creative in the kitchen. A nice finishing touch would be to add a sign that says “catch of the day” on your food table. It is sure to get a giggle from your guests.

Heroes And Villains

A heroes and villain party is a great way to challenge your guests to create the ultimate fancy dress. The good thing about this theme is that your guests have so many options regarding their attire. In terms of decorations, you want to base it around a comic book. Go for a bright color scheme throughout and print off some logos from your favorite superhero movies. As for games, you can pit superheroes against the villains in a quiz. If your party is outdoors, you can even play various outdoor garden games to find out who reigns supreme – superheroes or villains. It encourages a bit of friendly competition among your guests.

Ice Cream

Does it get any cooler than an ice cream party? Arguably not. An ice cream party is perfect for those who love a sweet treat. It is also ideal if your birthday falls on one of the warmer months of the year. There is no better way to cool down than with an ice cream on a hot day. If you want some ice cream party inspiration, Greenvelope can help. They have compiled a list of themed decorations and games to help you bring your day to life. An ice cream sundae bar is a must, and you can easily make a DIY one at home. Choose ice cream-themed decorations too. If you struggle to find them, look online or take a trip down to your local party supplies store.


Who doesn’t love a musical? If this is one of your favorite interests, why not turn it into a party theme? The great thing about a musical party is that your guests are encouraged to get up and have a sing-along. You can either go for a broad musical theme or choose one of your favorites. For example, if you love Hairspray, you can ask your guests to dress as some of the characters. You can also think of some games based on the storyline. One obvious thing you will need to pull off this party theme is a good karaoke setup. No musical party is complete without a night of singing and dancing. Make sure you tell your guests to warm up their vocal cords too!

Casino And Vegas

Replicate a night under the bright lights of Las Vegas with a casino-themed party. Consider hiring roulette tables and making some Vegas-themed cocktails. You can find plenty of cocktail recipes online – if you don’t want to hire a mixologist. Of course, the dress code for this special evening should be cocktail dresses and tuxedos. It is perfect for those who like to celebrate with a drink, and the best part is the casino games will keep your guests entertained throughout the night. As for Vegas-themed décor, there are no limits. Giant dice, poker chips, and neon lights are the way to go.


A Bollywood party is a fantastic theme for those who love to stand out. Pom pom garlands, brightly colored decorations, and glitzy lights are some things you will need to add to your shopping list. The great thing about a Bollywood theme is it is fun for all ages. Adults can have a dance and a drink, while children can enjoy entertainment like a face painter. A Bollywood night is an Indian-themed dinner party with a lot of music and dancing. The food is also important too. With Indian cuisine, you have many choices. Take a look at some recipes online to spark your imagination and go wild with it.

BBQ Bonanza

If you and your guests are total foodies and your birthday is during the summer, then a BBQ bonanza theme is sure to be a hit. BBQ food consists of burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs. You know, all of the good stuff! If you want to get your guests involved in the day, you could ask each person to bring their favorite BBQ food. You will end up with a feast, but it is a great way to save money. It also ensures that there will be at least one piece of food that everyone can enjoy. Take a look at some BBQ recipes online – if you want to cook something new. In terms of decorations, you can create a garnish bar, and why not make a summer punch bowl too? Finish the day with some garden games, and your BBQ bonanza will be a total success.