Feel like you’re running a daily marathon and have no clue how to keep your energy levels up? It’s no surprise why you feel as though you could take an eternal nap by mid-afternoon; especially when your day may consist of working, managing a family and having a social life. When you feel energized, you often feel much more motivated and productive to take on tasks, but when you’re simply exhausted, the day can feel as though it’s running in slow motion. How are you able to stay energized throughout your day? Here are 9 useful tips:

1. Eat breakfast

You may have heard this one on numerous occasions, but your morning meal can have major impacts on your energy levels. Without eating at the very start of the day, you’re bound to feel tired and somewhat cranky as the hours pass. Also, what you choose to consume can influence your blood sugar levels, and it’s also best to keep your meal light without too much fat intake. Some good options you may choose could include a fruit and vegetable shake and frozen fruit which are slow-burning and should keep you feeling energized for longer.

2. Exercise

Exercising should rejuvenate you when you’re feeling weary, burn away unhealthy toxins and release those all-important chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Studies have proven that exercise can affect how mentally alert you are, the ability to retain information and allow you to feel much more positive. You don’t have to have a very strenuous workout technique for it to take effect, nor does it have to be lengthy- just whatever you can manage. During your break at work, you may opt to go for a brief walk or join a class such as Zumba or martial arts. A few push-ups and stretches each morning and evening may also do the trick.

3. Drink plenty

Keeping hydrated is essential for keeping your energy levels up. In fact, our bodies are 65% water, and without drinking water regularly, you’re far more likely to feel drained and contract headaches. Studies have proven that even just 3% dehydration can have major impacts on the way our brains function and the ability to stay alert. The average individual should be drinking approximately 2-3 liters of water per day to stay energized; which works out to around 8 glasses of water.

4. Work in a bright environment

Dull workplaces can make you feel extremely sleepy and unmotivated. Therefore it’s ideal if you can work in a light setting, so your brain understands that it’s daytime and is in the right state to get tasks done proficiently. If you’re allowed to personalize your own workspace, it may be worthwhile purchasing a desk lamp to keep your office well-lit.

5. Stimulants

If you’re really struggling to stay awake during your day-to-day activities, then you could opt to take stimulants as an alternative method, especially if you’re struggling to manage with other lifestyle changes. For example – taking caffeine is an age-old remedy for keeping alert. However it’s all about managing your coffee intake, so you balance out the energy throughout the day. Too much first thing in the morning may leave you feeling jumpy, causing you to have a huge crash of energy in the afternoon. Another method you may never have thought of trying is smoking Sativa weed which is used as an energy upper. If you seem to struggle with getting out of bed in the morning, many opt to smoke Sativa to increase energy levels, allow for a greater creative flow and make you feel as though you’re ready to take on the day. If you’re looking to find out more about Sativa, check out this website.

6. Get some rest

If you have a hectic daily schedule, it’s always worth trying to squeeze a nap in, so you feel refreshed for the rest of the day. Taking a nap doesn’t mean you’ve crashed as such, but just means you may need a reboot to keep going. But, if that’s not possible, try and get a good night’s sleep the night before – easier said than done for some people. It’s essential that we sleep well to allow us to recuperate from the day. If we didn’t sleep, our brains simply wouldn’t function to capacity. If you’ve ever done an all-nighter, you’re bound to recognize the after-effects which include irritability and poor memory to name just a few.

7. Grab a snack

If you feel as though you need a bit of an energy lift during the day, why not have a snack to pump you up? It can often be the case that you’ll experience a drop in blood sugar levels when you’re feeling a bit hungry. Therefore it’s best to try and eat little and often if possible. Some great options for snacking include fruit and nuts and yogurts which are packed with healthy fats and fiber that our body craves.

8. Mediation

Sometimes we all need to take a little time out during the rush of the day and mediation is an effective method of keeping calm and staying reflective. What’s strange is that it has also been proven to really boost energy levels. Many people meditate before they go to sleep to lose the stresses and anxieties within their mind and hopefully gain a better night’s sleep after letting go of these worries. As mentioned, sleep has a major link to energy levels, and mediation is said to boost sleep-compound melatonin by no less than 98%. It may take a few weeks to notice any effects, but if you stick to a routine plan, you should eventually start to see results.

9. Identify the drains of energy

Last but certainly not least, you should aim to find the energy drains in your life that you could simply do without – whether that be unnecessary tasks or people you shouldn’t be focusing all your energy into. Make a list of your daily routine and try and cut out the aspects you could really be doing without. Sometimes this is all it takes to sit down and re-evaluate your to-do list to make these essential life changes.