Our interview with “A Couple of Trainers” creators Devin Wiggins & Meagan Fulps.

Devin is a seasoned movement specialist and Meagan is a former professional athlete. Together, with their knowledge, experience, and passion, they hope to inspire and guide people to reach and maintain their personal goals.

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Hi Meagan & Devin, please tell us a little about yourselves?

Hi! We’re Meagan and Devin, also known as A Couple Of Trainers! We’re two fitness professionals and yes, we’re a couple. Devin is a seasoned trainer at Rise Movement and Meagan is a former professional basketball player. We both currently reside in Los Angeles where we met, yet we both grew up a mile away from each other in the small suburb of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Fate exists, people! Haha. We went to rival high schools, have tons of mutual friends and our families don’t live far from each other. Makes holidays easy!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

DEVIN: Mindful, Calm, Efficient
MEAGAN: Positive, Tenacious, Quirky

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

DEVIN: My father because every pivotal decision I’ve had to make in life has come from a lesson he’s taught me.
MEAGAN: Both my parents! My mother taught me love and how to be independent. She’s showed me nothing but support and encouragement. My father taught me how to be efficient and manage my time well. I definitely got both my techy and athletic side from him!

How and when did you start working in fitness?

Devin was intrigued by fitness at an early age when his father forced him to lift weights at the “prime” age of 9. He then decided to major in health and exercise science. Meagan has been an athlete since she could walk, having pursued basketball all the way to the professional level. She tore her ACL that ended her career, but shortly after that sought out training.

Name one your strengths?

One of Devin’s strengths is his thirst for knowledge. He’s always wanting to better himself. This also makes him an incredible listener. One of Meagan’s strengths is that she’s relentless. When she wants something happen, she will make it happen.

Best advice you have followed?

There are always going to be things that make you upset. Whether you personally fail or it’s rooted from an outside source. Allow yourself to be upset for 24 hours… and then get over it!

Now tell us about your project “A Couple Of Trainers”?

Earlier this year we we decided to join forces creating our own fitness company hoping to help others reach their goals in the most fun way possible. More often than not, we went to studios and saw so many people in their own heads. They didn’t talk to anyone and definitely weren’t having fun. We knew there was a way to change that, and it all starts with a true community. When we both played on sports team, the grueling workouts we went through were bareable and even fun because we experienced it with us. Sometimes you just need that person to complain to, laugh at, push, etc.! So from this, our brand and company developed!

We offer all different types of training: personal, wedding, small group, and group bootcamps we call “Field Days”. Our field days have given us the most buzz, and we’ve now taken them to an even grander scale having our first “Field Day Dash”. To give you some background, Field Day is a challenging full-body workout incorporating group competition and classic field day games with a fitness twist. Think dodgeball, plank freeze tag, tug-o-war, etc. We don’t have a studio right now, so we hop around some of LAs hottest studios and host them there… Ex: Speedplay, Rise Nation, Reebok LA, Sanctuary Fitness, Lazrfit, etc. We think that’s something that makes Field Day special! Our clients get to go around town with us. We also almost always do something fun afterwards as well so we can get to know each other beyond sweat. Sometimes it’s drinks, sometimes it’s a pool party or movie night. Like we mentioned before, we like to keep it fun! Our Field Day Dash was much bigger, and with that we partnered with Reebok and 13 LA fitness studios to create an epic fitness scavenger hunt in the Weho extended area. It was a crazy fun challenge for everyone and we are taking it to other cities 🙂

While Field Days and the Dash have been focuses for now, we still train often and really want to push more for couples training! We think it’s such a great way for engaged couples to train together for their big day, but still have the individual attention of their own trainer. We will keep it fresh too — of course having our gym days, but then we like to get outdoors and go hike and run stairs. It’s fun for our clients and fun for us too! We are just building our double dating repertoire haha.

Last, but not least, we starting to push out more online workout videos and plan to do many more! We just completed our first series this last month and we’re prepping for another release come the new year. They are on YouTube and are completely free. We like to cater to our clients and give them what they want, so we encourage everyone to give us feedback and we will make it happen 🙂

Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

We both have had our fair share of great and not so great bosses. Always learning what we can take away and what we could do better. Then there became a time when we saw a need in the fitness industry and we decided to do something about it. That need being “fun” and community. Like we touched upon above, we’ve visited so many studios and it was alarming how so many people come into a class and don’t speak or even look at anyone else. So many people are in their own heads and didn’t seem to enjoy being there. We knew we wanted to do something about this. Additionally, we both were really excited to build a business together. We both are constantly working and our time soon became limited, and this was a great to grow together and maximize that time. Life goes by quick, so we wanted to make the most of it together!

What has been the more challenging part about this?

Building a business takes both time and money. Yet, in order to fund a business you have to work — so essentially we’re both putting in the time for two full time jobs. It is totally exhausting! The balance can be hard and something will always be sacrificed. Yet, we have each other to depend on and we truly love what we’re building!

How is working along Devin Wiggins on this?

I couldn’t imagine having a better partner in crime!! Devin is very encouraging and the calming presence I always need. I definitely can get worked up about things and he’s always there to listen and bring my senses back. He’s also incredibly intelligent and the most modest individual I’ve ever met. I have to force him to take credit for things sometimes! Haha. I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing partner in business and in life!

What is your favorite healthy food?

DEVIN: Grapefruit.
MEAGAN: Poached eggs on top of sauteed veggies!

And your favorite cheat food?

DEVIN: Vanilla ice cream wedged between two caramel pecan cookies from Milk Jar.
MEAGAN: Pasta!

Which project is still on your bucket list?

Travel all around the world for work! Bring our events to everyone!

Any fitness tips you want to share with us?

There are so many tips and helpful suggestions we could recommend, but if you take away anything it’s go get yourself a FIT FAM! Working out with someone else is the best way to get results and enjoy the process. Sometimes you just need someone to complain through the pain with, and also someone to keep you accountable!

In five years from now, where do you see yourself and your career?

We will have a strong online presence offering tons of online workout content. With training, there are only so many people you can see in a day, there’s a ceiling… but with online content we can reach way more people and have a greater impact. We will also be traveling the world taking our Field Day Dash all over. Make it a fun, crazy, challenging fitness event that everyone looks forward to every year. We love traveling, so it would be awesome to travel together for work. Lastly, we will have our own home base to keep training privates and small group classes.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

MEAGAN: I really love Alex Silver-Fagan! She’s a trainer and fitness model, and she actually resembles (and is) a real athlete! She’s strong and looks strong. Too many models are stick thin.

What are your makeup bag staples when traveling?

MEAGAN: I don’t wear make-up really! The most would be a little mascara and eyeliner.

What’s your favorite music?

We like almost everything! Right now, Devin is really into indie/folk and Meagan is really into EDM. And Justin Bieber, cause… duh.

Any future plans you want to share with us?

We have so many exciting things coming in the new year! New workout videos, Field Days at new spaces and another epic Field Day Dash!

Do you support any charity?

All the proceeds from our last Field Day Dash went to Puerto Rico hurricane relief organizations! There are so many things going on in the world right now and we’re happy to help in anyway possible.

3 things you can’t leave home without?

DEVIN: 2nd set of workouts clothes, fresh kicks, Bose headphones
MEAGAN: Apple watch, Ray Bans, Laptop

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Having zero plans, laying on the couch watching Netflix and ordering in Chinese food.

What do you think of Social Media?

Devin by nature hates it. Haha. He’s not a social media person! Meagan enjoys it, but is realizing how big of a beast it is when starting a business! There’s so much strategy and it’s surprising really time consuming. Yet, it’s been great for our business and has helped us get our name out.

Where we can follow you?

We’re actively on Instagram: @acoupleoftrainers and you can also visit our website for more: acoupleoftrainers.com!


DEVIN: “Rockstar” Post Malone
MEAGAN: “$4,000,000” Steve Aoki

Travel destination:

DEVIN: Florence or Bora Bora
MEAGAN: Cork, Ireland or Florence


DEVIN: Norah


DEVIN: Jake Gyllenhaal
MEAGAN: Charlize Theron

Sports Team:

DEVIN: Broncos
MEAGAN: Warriors


DEVIN: “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” Danielle LaPorte
MEAGAN: “Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”


DEVIN: Twilight
MEAGAN: Hunger Games


DEVIN: Donnie Darko
MEAGAN: Dark Knight


DEVIN: Bordeaux