It is really difficult for the parents to understand the chat as the young people do because of the new text lingo. It becomes more cumbersome as parents are not able to understand the secret code language used by their children and a professional can only decode it. While you are not able to memorize all the words on top of your head, thus we have come up with a list of teenage abbreviations for texting parents should know. With the help of this list, they get to know whether there is any sign of danger and keep you reading them all to know each one.

We have broken down all of them into various categories such as drugs, sex as well as hiding things from that the parents. Check out the teenage texting abbreviations parents should know about that will help you to know what your child may be up to.

In case you’re worrying your child may be involved in suspicious activities, consider a parental control app. Such software like eyeZy provides a range of options you can monitor. These include monitoring browser history, setting screen time, and checking social media platforms.

Talking with the strangers

These abbreviations will help you to know whether your child is interacting with a stranger whom they don’t know. Hopefully, these text abbreviations will help the parents to know how the child is responding and whether they are talking about meeting or sharing any pictures. It is better to start texting and know about stranger danger. If nothing else, understanding all these texts will prevent your children from doing conversations about the dangers of meeting someone over the web. Let us have a look at these below.

  • ASLP: Age, sex, location, photo.
  • LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life
  • F2F: Face to Face.

Hidden things

Parents should not unaware of the fact after getting through the list if the child is trying to hide something. Parents need to keep an eye on the kid as if he or she is using it multiple times. If you see some of such abbreviations on the child’s phone, then you need to get dive into it to uncover what is happening and what has been hidden from you. Let us have a look at these hidden acronyms below.

  • KPC: Keeping parents clueless
  • PAL: Parents are listening
  • PAW: Parents are watching
  • PIR: Parents in room
  • MOS: Mom over the shoulder
  • CD9: Code 9, parents are around.

Engaged in sexual activities

Some abbreviation under this category is a bit silly but it is the beginning of something big and serious. It symbolizes that it is the first step and there will be something big and deep happening in the future. Let us take a peek at these below.

  • CU46
  • GYPO
  • GNRN
  • GNOC
  • RUH


Hope these notes will help you distinguish teenage texting abbreviations to make sure your child isn’t involved in anything suspicious. Keeping an eye on kids online became a usual routine as they might not deal with all the excessive information on the Internet. That’s why worried parents way consider a parental control app like eyeZy to check their youngsters’ online activity.