Losing someone you cherished and loved is never easy and something that nobody can prepare you for. No matter how old or sick someone may have been, at the end of the day this whole experience causes a flood of different, frequently unbearable emotions.

So once something like this occurs, even if you’re feeling completely hopeless and depressed, don’t forget that there are still a couple of things that have to be done after the person you loved is gone. To help you out, we’ve prepared the ultimate checklist of all the essential stuff that you should do to make sure everything turns out just fine.

Steps To Take When A Loved One Dies

Immediately Contact People Closest To You

As soon as you pull yourself together, make sure to send a group text to your family members and friends to let them know what happened. If you’re able to, you can even make individual phone calls to tell them that their beloved one is no longer alive.

If you want to ensure everyone is informed, then it would be recommendable to go through the phone contacts of the deceased and call anyone you think deserves to know. Another thing that’s very effective yet doesn’t require lots of time is to create a post about your loss on social media.

Arrange A Funeral

Another delicate and complex step. Generally speaking, planning a funeral can be very exhausting since it includes a lot of decisions that simply have to be made during the most devastating days. So what do you have to do?

Bear in mind that it involves three components: preparing the body, holding the ceremony, and handling the entire funeral. When it comes to the ceremony, you have a couple of options. You can have it at a funeral home, have a DIY ceremony, or at a graveside.

Is it going to be cremation or embalming? How many people are you planning on inviting? In terms of expenses, it would be smart to find out average costs. Namely, on the FCA’s website, you can easily find itemized lists of funeral expenses by state.

Adding More Suggestions Below

Having A Legal Pronouncement Of Death

This is usually performed by a doctor, however, there are a few states where nurses, physicians’ assistants, advanced practice registered nurses do it as well, especially if the person you’ve lost has died in a hospital or any other medical care institution.

Moreover, if your beloved one has passed away in hospice care, then you’re supposed to call the hospice care nurse. Namely, this person has the right to legally announce the death and at the same time arrange for the deceased to be transported.

Now, in case your loved one wasn’t at hospice care or any other medical care facility, then you’re obligated to call 911. Once the paramedics come they will begin resuscitation.

Even though everyone who is going through something like this is overwhelmed with pain and grief, unfortunately, these steps cannot be avoided. That’s why this article was created to make things at least a little bit easier during this difficult time.