Whether you’re still pregnant or just delivered your little pumpkin, you must be drowning in your thoughts about what to buy for them. From the moment you know that you’re with a child, you start worrying about how ready you are and how you will get everything they need. The shopping frenzy kicks off, which allows you to buy everything related to newborns without even thinking about whether your baby needs this stuff or not.

There is no need to overthink things; we will offer you the ultimate guide to what you need and don’t need for your newborn.

Must Haves:

Baby Gear
The first thing you should think about is your baby’s safety. Therefore, you should invest in a newborn car-seat since this is where you’re going to place them on the ride home. You can’t risk carrying your baby in your lap while you’re in a car; it is not safe for either of you. You should also invest in a stroller to place your baby in while you’re shopping or going for a walk. Babies tend to love strollers as they instantly fall asleep as soon as they’re placed in them. They can be found in stores and online shops; make sure you check the sales online too as it would save you a lot of money. You can buy a travel system, which is a stroller with a car-seat; it is more secure and less expensive.

Your little one should have a bassinet or a crib ready to receive them. You can buy an attached-to-bed crib if you want your baby to be close to you. It is an excellent tool, especially at night, when your baby wakes you up several times to feed. This crib would require a firm flat mattress that fits perfectly. If your baby won’t sleep next to you, make sure you get a baby monitor to keep a close eye on them. You also want to make sure you get a dresser to keep your baby’s clothes in. If you can, you should invest in a dresser that comes with a changing table, as this proves to be much more convenient.

What your newborn is going to wear depends on whether you’re delivering in summer or winter, but we will introduce you to the basics. Start with six to eight onesies and undershirts that are made from pure cotton. Try to get no-scratch mittens, hats, and socks. For winter babies, make sure you get two blankets, jackets, and fleece suits. Try not to get too much of everything, as babies tend to grow fast in a very short period.

If you feed your baby with formula, make sure you get plenty of bottles and nipples, both 4 and 8 ounces. A bottle brush is also necessary to clean the bottles thoroughly. If, however, you’re going to breastfeed, you want to invest in a good-quality breast pump and a comfortable nursing pillow. Your baby would need around 8 bibs, burp cloths, and two to four pacifiers. As a new mom, you may need nipple cream to use in the first few weeks, nursing bras and nursing pads, as your breasts may leak in the first few days.

You can start with small packs of diapers as your baby may grow in size in a matter of weeks. Some diaper brands tend to cause rashes, so you should notice what brand is the best for your newborn. Diaper cream is a must to avoid rashes; you can get creams that do both, prevent and heal rashes. Some moms prefer to use cotton balls and water to clean the diaper area, however, you can get unscented water wipes. You will also need a changing mat, a diaper bag, and soft washcloths.


There are expensive things your baby wouldn’t necessarily need that you can refrain from buying. You don’t need second-hand cribs for your baby’s safety. Pillows and sleep positioners are dangerous, as they can result in SIDS. You can do without bottle warmers and bottle sterilizers; they’re pricey and unnecessary. You can heat bottles in hot water and clean them with a bottle brush. Finally, you don’t need a wipe warmer or a diaper stacker even though they’re cute. Babies won’t walk until they’re one, so shoes are not mandatory.

It is such a thrilling experience to prepare for receiving your baby. Shopping becomes more fun as everything related to newborns is cute and adorable. Make sure, though, you don’t buy everything you see. Try to avoid what your baby won’t need and focus more on the fundamental items mentioned above. We wish you happy shopping and congratulations, mom!