The nutrisystem has continued to gain its popularity over the years as more people gravitate towards healthy eating and weight loss. The nutrisystem has worked on many people and is a great way for you to structure your everyday meals if you are looking to embark on a healthier journey.

What it Entails

The nutrisystem entails four different plan options to choose from as described below.

Basic: As the name suggests, this is the most basic plan of the nutrisystem. As such, the plan has fewer meal options to choose from and is less flexible when compared to the other options.

Core: Unlike the basic plan, core has more options to choose from. Also, it is the most popular plan for nutrisystem since it offers a wide selection at affordable prices.

Uniquely Yours: For obvious reasons, this plan is a little costlier when compared to the first two plans. The selection also includes frozen foods and it is the best-rated since most people say that it provides value for their money.

Uniquely Yours Plus: This plan entails everything offered in the uniquely yours plan, but with additional probiotics and protein shakes for four weeks. As such, the plan is the most expensive.

Pros of the Nutrisystem

  1. It works. This is one of the biggest benefits of the nutrisystem, as a lot of people have successfully hit their weight loss goals through the system.
  2. The nutrisystem is also an economical program since it is meant to replace most of your expenses for groceries and meals you incur monthly. So if you do your math well, you will only be spending almost an equal amount as you do.
  3. It is also cheaper when compared to some meal delivery diets.
  4. It is also efficient since there is no food wastage. Research has shown that you will likely waste half of the food you buy. So enrolling in such a program helps to save on food, and money as well.
  5. In a way, the nutrisystem is an investment as you will be paying to improve your health.

Cons of the Nutrisystem

  1. It requires a lot of commitment if you want to hit your goals. As such it might not be suitable if you don’t want to commit long-term.
  2. You might feel restricted with the program since it dictates what you eat. So you might end up feeling limited to the available menu options.
  3. The nutrisystem might also be a little expensive, despite the fact that it is meant to replace your grocery expenses.
  4. You can also do it yourself! Another thing that no one tells you is that you can DIY your own weight loss program and succeed at it. In fact, doing it yourself will help you save money and will help you build self-confidence.

Bottom Line

Nutrisystem is still a relevant program, especially if you don’t have time to do it yourself and you also want professional help. It has its downsides, but it is worth trying out since a lot of people have successfully lost weight thanks to it. You can also check this full review by for a better understanding of nutrisystem.