Check our interview with talented young actress Aaralyn Anderson who can be seen on Netflix series MANIAC as Belle Milgrim along with big Hollywood stars Emma Stone & Jonah Hill.

Hi Aaralyn, please tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I like to draw. I like to play Roblox. I absolutely love to swing on the swings and swim.

I love acting, especially with a good script where I can really create the character. I also like to help others. I volunteer whenever I can.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Awesome, funny and giggly

Who is you biggest supporter?

My mom and Teddy they go everywhere with me! But really my whole team, my dad, meme, grandparents, friends. I am very lucky.

How did you get started in the industry?

Well, I started because when I was a baby everyone use to stop my mom to see the baby. Most of the time people would say “she should be a baby model” so my mom would joke about it online. One day a feiend of hers said she talked to a friend of hers about me and they offered their managers info. My mom sat on it for awhile til one day it took two hours to get milk and bread because she kept getting stopped so she went home and sent the email. I went on alot of auditions as a baby but it wasn’t until I was 2 1/2-3 that I found acting and realized that was what I wanted to do. The rest is history!

Tell us about your work in Netflix series “MANIAC”

I am really honored to be part of this series. When I first booked it we had no idea it was MANIAC we thought it was a different project, twice actually. They kept everything top secret so whenever I went to work we couldnt really tell anyone or post pictures. I loved being able to play multiple characters. Working with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone was amazing!

What is your character about?

My character Belle Milgrim has a close relationship with her uncle, Owen Milgrim. She seems to understand him and appreciates his differences. I think thats how I become Danielle Marino, Linda and Bruces daughter, because of our connection. Australia is a mix of both characters with a little made up stuff in the there too.

How was working with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill? 

I LOVED working with them! Watching them create the different characters in person taught me alot. Sometimes if someone messed up we just went with it and improved the heck out of it til Cary yelled cut.

What was your most memorable experience from set so far?

I would say it was the Marino house set. There was a big, I mean HUGE, family portrait of us. I would totally hang that in my real house! Oh, and Cary had me memorize like 50 jokes ! I was just rattling them off one after another but I couldnt laugh I had to keep my delivery crisp. It was so funny. After awhile the baby started crying and Jonah just improved and said “I know, I want to cry too.” then I started laughing and totally lost it.

What other projects have you been part of?

Wow, like in my whole career? That would take alot of pages to tell you that. I have done so many commercials, a few short & independent films and some other tv. If you have ever seen the tv show What Would You Do? You will see me in a few episodes. It is really fun to shoot because it is all improv so it really challenges me.

Who is your favorite Actor/Actress? and why?

My favorite actress is Emma Stone. She always creates believable characters. Working with her taught me just how good she is especially with improv. It was the best getting to work with her.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet the creators of HOP, the movie, with James Marsden. He is another amazing actor I would love to work with. Anyway, I think they should make a new one and call it “HOP 2 it”. I have a great idea! I wanted to share with Hank Azara (another actor/voiceover artist I highly admire) at the MANIAC premiere but never got the chance to. Let’s just say it includes a cute, funny little actress I might know. 😉

What music do you like?

Anything I can move to! I love to dance! I also love to lipsync. Carseat Karaoke is my favorite!

How is a normal day in your life?

Depending on what day it is and what you consider “normal”.
If you mean when I am not working… I wake up, get the sleepies out of my eyes go downstairs and eat breakfast. Then I might do school work, or go play with my friends or just hang and play Roblox.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself? hmmmm…  I envision myself at the Emmys/Oscars with a huge smile on my face!

What do you think of social media?

Oh, well I am only 8 so I don’t do social media. I mean my parents and team go over with me what is posted or that we have to do pics for this or that but I don’t do it myself.

Do your support any charities?

Yes! I actually support a few local charities and organizations where I live.
I also started something I call Street Sacks where we collect items to put in bags to hand out to the homeless. We actually provided over 400 Street Sacks last year for homeless youth in NJ.

Where can we follow you?

My manager   FB: cptalentmgmt
IG: cptalentmgmt

She posts things I am working on before I do.

Follow my everyday adventures at:

IG: @AaralynAnderson
FB: /AaralynAndersonFanPage
Twitter: @AaralynAnderson
Website: AaralynAnderson.com

QUOTE: “BAM! What?”


SONG: Hard Drive by Griffinilla
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SPORTS TEAM: if we are talking football I have to say I am a fan for my Poppy of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

MOVIE: Jack and the cuckoo clock heart

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