As far as pop music goes, this doesn’t happen very often. However, After Romeo has a reputation of overturning tradition and doing things on their own terms. That began in 2013 when the group’s two sets of friends from different sides of the country—Drew and Jayk from Las Vegas and Blake and TC from Atlanta— met in Los Angeles.

Despite the separate coasts, they shared quite a few things in common. Blake and TC spent their formative years in performance groups, while Jayk split his time between music and social media. By the time they linked up, Drew had solidified himself as an in-demand songwriter, penning music for the likes of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and more. Since everybody had a musical background, they made a collective decision to hit the studio together.

“We all had music and performance in our backgrounds,” explains TC. We just decided to pursue this together and see where it took us.”

They shot a music video for their song “Free Fall,” and it landed on VEVO’s home page and soared to #1 on MTV. Its follow-up “L.O.L.” also claimed #1 on MTV, hit #3 on Sirius XM, and was added to Radio Disney. In 2014, they booked and launched their own 300-school and 35-mall Bully Proof Tour. This unique production saw them speak directly to the youth about rising above bullying. It proved to be a major success, packing 10,000 attendees per week in every city.

After Romeo literally come together like some sort of musical Avengers with their own skills and talents. Drew serves as the primary songwriter, while Jayk spearheads the social media, even orchestrating and executing online initiatives and maintaining fan interaction. Blake choreographs the shows and videos, and TC’s grip on fashion influences their striking and chic aesthetic.

Their new single, “Convenience” takes a giant leap in to the band’s maturity from a production, vocal and lyrical perspective. The song itself caused a major stir within the industry as some of the biggest pop stars were competing to make “Convenience” their own. The group, and their prized new single, will be featured in an upcoming global commercial this Spring which will surely catapult these four young men to another level.

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When did you start, how did you guys meet and when did you know this was the professional life for you?

Jayk: Drew and I are from Vegas and TC and Blake are from Georgia. Drew and I met when we were 13 through some friends and had very similar interests. We both like sports, music, and dance and a couple years after we met, we had the opportunity to move to L.A to work on music full-time. We were living at a house and every week we had a bunch of people over to play basketball and one of our friends introduced us to TC.

TC: I moved out to L.A. originally for acting and modeling and had no idea I’d end up in the music industry. When I met Drew and Jayk, we started hanging out more and started making music together and came up with the idea to create a band. I mentioned my friend Blake who also lived in Georgia was moving to L.A. and as soon he did I introduced him to Drew and Jayk. We all got along really well and started creating music and writing songs together.

What kind of music did you guys grow up with and what kind of music do you listen to now?

Blake: When I was little my grandmother would listen to Fleetwood Mac whenever she would take me to school early in the morning. So I grew up with a lot of older rock music like Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. I currently listen to artists like Sia and Kanye West.

Jayk: Growing up my mom listened to Motown songs and now I have a huge love for Motown, Michael Jackson and Prince. I remember saying to my mom when I was really young that Prince was my first favorite artist because he was so different and against the grain. Now I still listen to all R&B especially artists like Craig David and Justin Timberlake.

T.C: As I grew up I started getting into R&B. Now my favorite artist is Chris Brown because of his stage performance. I also grew up playing the drums and creating beats, so I love rap and started getting into EDM and Trap music.

Drew: I love pop music in general. My favorite artists have always been Elvis and the Beach Boys. My dad’s an Elvis impersonator in Vegas so that helped too.

On your point of view, how is the music scene right now?

Blake: It’s a great time for music. Technology allows people the opportunity to accomplish their dreams and artists now more than ever. Bands really have the control to share their work to a large audience.

TC: Artists have multiple options to market themselves because of technology and social media. It’s opened a lot of doors for aspiring talent who might not have gotten recognized before advancements in tech.

Now tell us about the “Good Things” EP?

Jayk: We wanted to find a sound that collectively suits us because we all like different types of music. We worked with really talented writers and producers on this project to get an eclectic mixture of songs and we are excited to share the new music because our fans have been so patient. Our EP is available for pre-sale now and is available June 24, but our singles “Convenience” and “Good Things” are now available on iTunes and will also be included in the EP.

Blake: As you can tell by our musical influences, we are all extremely different and come from diverse backgrounds, so we incorporated each of our musical abilities and interests in “Good Things” and we think it really has something for everyone.

How do you guys feel to be coined as the next One Direction by Billboard Magazine?

Jayk: One Direction’s music is awesome of course. It is so flattering that Billboard saw what we have to offer and coined us as “The Next One Direction.” We definitely have our own sound, but would love to have their success.

And now tell us about the Samsung project?

Blake: Samsung recently featured us in their global commercial for their latest mobile campaign. “Convenience” and “Good Things” are also featured in the commercial. It’s been exciting to collaborate with such an incredible brand and to market our music internationally.

Any exiting news you want to share with us?

TC: We are honored to be one of iHeartRadio’s Top 25 Rising Stars. You can go to iheartradio.com/risingstar to vote for us 50 times a day or on Twitter using hashtags #RisingStar and #AfterRomeo. If we win, we get to be a part of the iHeartRadio Music Festival and the Macy’s Day Parade, which would be a huge honor.

“Good Things” Lyric Video

What do you guys do in your free time?

Jayk: We play sports, go to the movies, and hang out with friends.

TC: Jayk and I play in a flag football league.

Drew: I love to write even on my free time.

Blake: I like to binge watch my favorite Netflix shows.

What do you guys like to watch on TV?

Drew: Walking Dead

Blake: American Horror Stories, Bates Motel, and Penny Dreadful

TC: I loved Breaking Bad when it was on, but now I watch House of Cards, and am about to get into Sons of Anarchy.

Jayk: I’m a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. I know it’s been over for a while, but I literally watch it every night before I go to bed on my phone. I also love watching Dexter and the Walking Dead.

3 things you can’t leave your house without?

After Romeo: Keys, wallet and phone

Something fans don’t know about yourselves?

Jayk: I used to have a really weird thing with socks when I was a kid. I couldn’t wear the same pair of socks twice. I used to donate my socks after wearing them once because I didn’t like how they felt after one wash.

Blake: I like to rescue spiders. Everyone wants to kill spiders, but I’m always that guy saying, “don’t kill it” and always make the effort to grab something and relocate the spiders to safety. This even includes black widows.

Drew: I’m a really big basketball fan and the Chicago Bulls are my favorite team.

Any tips that you can give to up-coming talent?

Blake: Don’t be afraid to put out content. Keep creating. You’ll never know who will see your content.

Where are you going to be playing next?

TC: We’re starting tour in the summer. The kick off will take place in Los Angeles and all the dates will be posted on our website, afterromeoworld.com very soon.

Do you guys support any charity?

Drew: We previously partnered with several artists on a pro-bono 300-school Bully Proof Tour, which included a viral anti-bullying campaign.

TC: We were also the spokespeople for Peta2’s Adopt Don’t Shop campaign to encourage people to rescue pets from shelters instead of purchasing from breeders.

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Jayk: When it’s football season, every Sunday is a perfect. When it’s not football season an ideal Sunday involves a hike followed by a group lunch and then studio time to work on new songs. Since we are all friends first, we spend a lot of time together even when we aren’t working.

Drew: A perfect upcoming Sunday would be for all of us to go to Universal Studios to go to the Harry Potter World.

What do you think of Social Media in the Entertainment business? 

Jayk: Social media is changing everything and I think everybody is adjusting to this whole new wave. Ultimately we think it’s creating a positive impact in the Entertainment industry and allows us to connect with our fans all over the world and share our music widely.

Where we can follow you?

Twitter: @AfterRomeo, @JaykPurdy, @DrewRyanScott, @BlakeisEnglish, @TCCarter23

Instagram: @AfterRomeo, @JaykPurdy, @DrewRyanScott, @BlakeisEnglish, @TCCarter23

Facebook: facebook.com/AfterRomeo

Website: afterromeoworld.com

Quote: “Never give up, never surrender!” – Galaxy Quest

Travel Destination:

Blake: Alaska
Jayk: Denver, Florida
TC: New York City
Drew: Vegas


Jayk: Fresca/Lime Perrier
Drew: Ice tea
Blake: Tomato juice
TC: Coffee

Favorite movie:

Drew: Any comic movie (i.e Avengers)
Jayk: Donny Darco, Cruel Intentions, Elf and Home Alone
Blake: Aliens
TC: Big Daddy


Drew: Bean and cheese burrito extra cheese
Jayk: Sushi and anything steak or chicken
Blake: Fresh veggies
TC: Chicken strips with buffalo sauce

Celebrity Crush:

Jayk: Zara Larson
Drew: Ariana Grande
TC: Selena Gomez
Blake: Lady Gaga

Sports Team:

Drew: Chicago Bulls
Jayk: Everything Miami – Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes
TC: Atlanta Seahawks and Chicago Bulls
Blake: New England Patriots