When they hear the term “veganism,” most people think of something related to food only. They know that it is a form of a dietary change that excludes all animal-based foods like honey, eggs, meat, and dairy products. Practically everything that comes from animals.

Although all this information is correct, when speaking of veganism, we forget that it also refers to clothes, meaning that some materials should also be excluded from our closets if we want to define ourselves as vegans. More importantly, it also includes cosmetics, makeup, and so many other things. Today it’s easier than ever to stick to these vegan rules because the market offers so many animal-free, sustainable clothes. If you’re still unsure whether you want to switch to this, yet you’re eager to learn more, keep reading to get more info regarding vegan fashion.

What Are The Positive Traits Of It?

They do not support clothes made from animals

The tradition of making clothes from animals (to get leather, silk, etc.) exists for centuries, and many do not see anything terrible in it. In order to get some materials (for instance, wool), you do not have to kill the animal. So the question is – what’s wrong with it then?

Well, just because you are not killing an animal, that doesn’t mean that these animals are enjoying it. On the contrary, they may be alive, but they are leading a miserable and cruel life. That’s something a human wouldn’t be able to endure in any way.

Most people are indeed wearing leather, wool, and other materials their entire lives. That’s because they didn’t know that there’s a better option. Through veganism, you will learn that there’s always an option.

Vegans can look nice too!

There’s a myth that people who are into vegan fashion all look the same. Most people (who are against it) describe them as boring, uniformed hippies. Well, that’s not quite the truth. If you go to any vegan-friendly website, you will see how creative these people can be. That refers to fashion too!

Today you can come across various style bloggers (that support this lifestyle) who are living proof that you can be conscious and still look stylish. Just because these people care about the environment and animals, that doesn’t mean they lack fashion sense. One of the most famous designers in the world, Stella McCartney, is vegan, and yet she still manages to look and create amazing, trendy clothes.

What Are Other Benefits?

Vegan fashion is sustainable

We can all agree that vegan fashion still hasn’t reached perfection. It’s still a work in progress; however, it should be given a chance. Yes, it is true that, for instance, vegan leather made out of plastic is not sustainable; however, there are vegan materials that are.

More importantly, more and more brands are working on enhancing their vegan-friendly offering and are selling leather that is made out of different plants such as mushrooms, apples, pineapple leaves, and others. This just goes to show that yes, vegan fashion is definitely sustainable (with a few exceptions) and that you can indeed purchase shoes, clothes, and bags that are made out of sustainable fabrics.

Getting more and more accepted

It may not seem like that at first glance; however, according to the latest fashion news, fashion giants from countries like France, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany are investing a lot of money in the vegan industry. Of course, the vegan market is not as booming as the traditional one but is slowly getting there.

You get to have alternatives

As we previously mentioned, there are a plethora of great alternatives to clothes that are made from animals. The most popular ones are bamboo, hemp, linen, and organic cotton. All these materials are strictly vegan.

In the past couple of years, all these options are getting a lot of attention. More ethically produced alternatives are being invented, such as leather made from recycled plastic bottles and vegetable waste. It is hard to find sustainable options for the ones that are made out of animals (fur, wool, etc.) because some of them contain polyester, and people do not want to add more plastic to their clothes. On a more positive note, there are a lot of alternatives. It just takes some time to find them.

Slowly Becoming Mainstream

The vegan fashion hasn’t completely become mainstream, but with baby steps, it is getting there. Some of the most popular, luxurious brands are focusing on making clothes without using real fur, silk, wool, and others. It is easy to conclude that vegan fashion will eventually become the leader in the entire fashion industry.