Losing a friend or loved one isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things we have to face as a human. The stages of grief are tough and we often feel as though we are alone through these difficult times. The reality is we aren’t alone and can always reach out to people for some help, it’s important to remember that.

The thought of burying someone can often be overwhelming and for some, a little old fashioned. There are plenty of ways we can preserve the memory of our friends and loved ones but they aren’t always the first thought. Here we take a look at some alternative ways you can bury your loved ones.

Look At Cremation

The first way to look at if you’re thinking of a different method of burial is cremation. Cremation is when a body is put into a furnace and burned to ashes. These ashes are then either kept or scattered in a memorable place. Much like a burial, the container for the ashes is as important as a coffin. There are huge numbers of designs to choose from and you can even design one yourself. As it’s such an important decision, taking your time and looking into as many options are important for making the right choice. If it’s a bit too much then reading a helpful guide will assist you in your decision making. Getting the right cremation urn is important for your grieving, the dignity of those passed and having a nice ceremony.

Get Turned Into A Diamond

Yes, you heard me correctly. Getting turned into a diamond is now a legitimate way of remaining after you pass away. The process involves capturing the carbon from your ashes and heat pressing it until it turns into a diamond. Companies will then cut it to whatever your desired specifications are and you’ll have a diamond to cherish forever. The price point varies with this method as it’s dependent on what diamond and what cut you choose.

Grow Into A Tree

Did your loved one have a place they treasured going to? Or a place that reminds you of them? As long as permission is given by the landowner then turning your loved one into a tree is now a complete possibility. The first stage is getting cremated and being placed into a biodegradable urn. This is then planted in a place of your choice along with any other growth agents, soil, and sometimes wood chips. Take the seedling you have chosen and place it within the urn. Bury the urn along with everything else and make sure it’s going to get enough sunlight. From here a tree will grow and you’ll forever have a place to visit them.

Go Off Like A Firework

There are a few companies that will now take the ashes of your loved ones and pack them into fireworks. This way, the ashes of your loved ones will be scattered over a large area and it will be great to watch. An incredible spectacle of explosions and lights is a perfect send-off for anyone.

Remember The Music

For anyone that loves music, this is a perfect way to be remembered. We all have friends and loved ones that are rarely seen without headphones on or listening to music out loud. For these people, being turned into a vinyl would be the best way to remember them. Your ashes are pressed into a vinyl which will have the ability to play on a record player. Have a mount on the wall with a record player under ready for whenever you want to say hello.

Blast Off To Space

Have you ever thought about heading into space? Maybe your friends have but never had the opportunity. Whilst it’s a little too late for them to actually experience going to space, you can send their ashes up there with a tracker, meaning you will always be able to see where they are in the Milky Way.

Turn Into Compost

This one sounds a little strange but to any outdoor or environmental enthusiast, it might just be the best thing you could ever do for them. There are options for buying suits made from mushrooms and other microorganisms which aid decomposition. If you are buried in one of these suits then your body will also decompose and become a form of compost. What a great way to give back to the earth.

Funerals and death arrangements aren’t a pleasant experience. If your friend or loved one has chosen to be remembered in one of these ways then at least they’re going out doing something fun. It will also be a constant reminder to you on how amazing they were. We don’t have to continue burying people. Let’s continue making diamonds and shooting people into space. It’s how I’d like to go, for sure.