Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, it’s natural to want to spoil your partner and mark a particular date by giving them a gift. However, when you’ve been shopping for someone for a long time, sooner or later you’re going to run out of ideas and will need to refresh your repertoire.

Beverly Hills is thronging with designer clothing outlets and jewelry stores, but what if those familiar gift staples don’t appeal to your special someone and you’re looking for something different? Here are five ideas for alternative, yet luxurious gifts to give your partner this season.

Theater Tickets

Beverly Hills is surrounded by Los Angeles and West Hollywood, arguably two of the most iconic cities for entertainment in the world. If you’re looking to give your partner a gift he or she will remember, buy them tickets to an upcoming play or music concert and get dressed up to the nines on the night. You will need to book tickets well in advance, as events are highly popular in this area. Visit Ticketsales.com to see what’s on.

Give the Gift of Experience

If you have well and truly spoilt your partner in the past, it might be difficult for you to live up to the precedent set in previous years. Instead of buying yet another item for your spouse’s closet, consider spending your money on an experience that both of you will remember for years to come. You could book a walking or biking tour of the city, partake in an extreme sport together, or organize a bungee jump. Just remember to take pictures you can look back on afterwards.

Dine Out With a Difference

If marking your anniversary with a meal at a restaurant has become a staple in your relationship, why not mix it up this year by trying something new? There are many beautiful parks in Beverly Hills, including the Franklin Canyon, Beverly Gardens, and Coldwater Canyon, so pick a spot and pack a romantic picnic. Just remember to check that you can bring food and drink into the park before you visit, and don’t forget the champagne and ice bucket!

Book a Pamper Session

If your partner enjoys getting pampered, book her a session at one of the city’s many health and beauty salons so she can look and feel her best. Anastasia Salon on North Bedford Drive is known for its iconic eyebrow shaping treatments and celebrity clientele. Alternatively, you could make her an appointment at Penner Salon to have her hair professionally styled.

Make It Personal

If your partner’s heart is set on a piece of jewelry or a coveted household item, you won’t want to sway too far from your comfort zone. However, you can give any gift a special touch by having is personalized with your partner’s name or with the date of your special occasion. That way, whenever you both look at the gift, you’ll not only appreciate the gesture, but you’ll also look back at the time it was given and cherish the memory – it’s the best of both worlds.