How did you get started in your career?

I really wanted to become an actress, which my parents absolutely weren’t happy about, I was suppose to study business as I was really good in mathematics but I’ve always was very stubborn and so I dropped out of business school against my parents wishes and was too proud to take any money of support from them so decided to finance my acting school myself. I had 5 different jobs before I discovered that modeling would actually bring me enough money to cover all the costs and that even through I never wanted to be a model it worked out for me very well but acting is what I really always wanted to do and its time now to pursue that goal!!!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Ugh.. So many things!!!! LOL. When I was 4 I watched a movie with a dog that was sick and made me cry for days so I decided to become veterinarian, when I was 6 I started to watch a cartoon called Mila the Superstar which was about a volleyball player girl so I wanted to become a volleyball player, when I was 8 I was really into watching Renegade staring Lorenzo Lamas, that tv series was super popular in Germany, I wanted to become a bounty hunter, at around the age of 10 I watched one of my favorite movies of all time, the Godsfather and I wanted to become a mafia boss in the female version. Hahaha.. At some age I understood it would make much more sense to become an actress and just play all those great roles.

What have been the biggest hurdles to get her where you are today?

Diet!!!!!!! I love food and I gain so easily weight!!! LOL. There are always things that are challenging in each career not just in the modeling business but after all its not the worst job ever so I can’t complain too much ; ) … I am very lucky and thankful for everything opportunity and all that I have.

Since you’ve brought it up and seem to have all the experience with diets what is the best diet in your opinion/ experience?

Honestly, I tried all of them!!! And many of them really work for a short period of time. For example only protein, it works great but once you get back to normal /other food you gain immediately the weight back plus maybe even additional pounds. It is very frustrating, I’ve obviously been there, but its really to eat right and not eat to much and excise and make it a routine. Everything else is up and downs, non-permament and unhealthy in my opinion. Especially all those diet pills are crazy unhealthy.. But if you really want to lose weight very fast, do a cleanse with juices and shake. One vegetable juice, one fruit juice (both freshly squeezed) and one protein shake for 3 to 7 days. It also cleans your liver, body and makes your skin look fresh and shinny :)!!

What is your favorite food when you want to be “bad”?

I love steak!!! Medium rare please. And pasta. Penne al dente al arabiata. I love frozen yogurt with fruits and well if I want to go really bad with all the chocolate toppings, gummy worms, sprinkles and little candy threads…

How is the transition from modeling to acting? 

It’s not really easy, acting is totally new business and a new start and unfortunately you don’t get extra points for being an successful model :(. But luckily acting itself comes really easy to me, I have a lot of imagination and can easily get into a character, maybe thats also because I’m the only child and also didn’t had many friends in my childhood as we moved around a lot and I always played alone and had all these imaginary friends…

Would you consider LA your home now? Would you consider living in another city? 

[email protected]*kinglutely !!!! I love LA!!! I don’t think I’d ever want to move, I’ve lived all over the world and LA just like home for the first time since germany PLUS  it is also my favorite place in the world to be living. Of course there are other beautiful places to visit and travel too, I also love London and New York but it’s so cold in the winter !!! LA’s climate is just perfect.

What will you do for the holidays? Plans 

New Years have been always a big thing for me, I know it’s kind of silly but I believe that how you start your new year your whole year will be. Traditionally  I’ve always gone over New Years to some hotspot place such as St. Barths or St. Moritz etc. However the past two years I became somehow more family oriented and took my parents on vacations to Istanbul and last year to Dubai and so will I go this year to Puerto Rico. We just have a new family member that will join us my kitty cat ( Hollywood :).

What do you “love / hate” in human character / people?

Don’t like so much ; ) cruelness, cheapness and greediness . LOVE punctuality, fairness and kindness.

What don’t you like/ like about yourself?

Since I am German, I very organized and well structured and it freaks me out if something is not planed out, I have all those little TO DO lists that freaks some people out and can be difficult to deal with. I am just not a go with the flow person. But it has also some good sides to it! Like that I am very punctual which I really like about myself and get a lot done.

And look wise?

I absolutely don’t like my hands or feet. I bite my nails when I get nervous and thats how they look sometime too. I love my eyes and hair.

Are you dating anyone? If no, who would be your dream “date”? 

There is not really a dream date per se…. I had for a long time a crush on Pierce Brosnan while he was playing James Bond but I guess it was more his role, generally I find these character attributes attractive I guess … Charming, charismatic, exciting, well-dressed and of course sexy ; )

What would be your dream date?

For that matter me as a James Bond girl with of course James Bond. Ha ha ha. As you can probably see I don’t like it boring… I am not much of a romantic girl I like more exciting things. I think a great first date is to go hiking, you can see immediately how fit someone is, get your workout done and if its gets boring or you run out of words you can still run away… And if you really like the guy you can stage a fall and let the guy rescue you!

Seriously, what attracts you in men?

Beautiful and warm eyes. And that great smile, I love it when a man has that 4 year old boy devilish but warm smile. I love blond guys but actually I never dated one. Good shape, exciting and great style helps too.

You didn’t say anything about the personality..

I think the character is a lot and I love a warm personality, fair, generous, smart, thoughtful, honest, family oriented etc but when I meet a guy I am going for the looks first and I believe if someone says different they lie… You are not going to flirt with someone and end up sleeping with some just because he has such a good heart. That would be charity work!!! Lol. oh and cat haters and cat allergy is an absolutely no go for me since I just got one!  I don’t think you can really tell, it’s that first moment when you see someone and your heart start to beat like crazy…. this is always a great indicator.

How do you deal with breakups?

Breaksups are great for diets!! And then to dress up, look gorgeous and sexy and show the world what you got! I guess not really but I learned to try to see everything in a positive way and there is always a reason why something ends and of course an ending means also a new beginning!

What do you enjoy most about your life? 

Everything!!! You always have a bad day here and there but that just makes you appreciate the good days more. Plus, I am mostly in charge of my life so it is what I make it!

What do you plan on changing? 

I think its more adding things to my life at this point. I already changed so many things in the past year in a very healthy direction. LA makes you pick up that healthy lifestyle vibe…

Who do you most admire? 

Madonna for her willpower and fearlessness , Angelina Jolie for her beauty and charity work, Juliane Moore for her talent and my Mum for the love she gave me…

What is your favorite color, accessory and city? 

Rainbow, Attitude and the World, well if I have to choose one you should probably know by now that it is Los Angeles.

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