The beautiful gemstone amethyst prides itself with its purple color which is considered a symbol of spirituality, creativity and nobility. In the world of minerals, it’s hard to confuse amethysts with any other stone and this is because amethysts are one of the few pure purple gemstones found in nature. Among their undeniable advantages is the fact that although their beauty rivals that of the most precious gemstones, they themselves are very affordable. This is because amethyst deposits are scattered all over every continent in the world.

A favorite gemstone of the ancient Greeks

The history of amethysts is full of interesting legends and surprising connections. The first people to discover this precious stone and to make extensive use of it were the ancient Greeks, at least according to the available information. They believed that amethysts have miraculous powers to protect people from drunkenness. It is no coincidence then that the word amethyst comes from the Greek word amethyein or amethystos, which means “not drunk”. Amethysts didn’t lose their popularity even in the Middle Ages when a ring with an amethyst was considered a symbol of high social status. It was worn mainly by bishops and church dignitaries. This tradition is also in line with the current psychology of color according to which purple has a spiritual dimension. It has a calming and meditative effect on the human mind.

Magical shades of purple and mint green

Amethysts belong to the quartz family, just like citrine, rose quartz and smoky quartz. Their colors range from light lilac to very dark purple. Amethysts with a deeper, unified color are however considered the most valuable as they are less common in nature and without an equal in jewelry.

You may also have come across green amethysts. These are prasiolites, a type of quartz with a light green color that is very popular in jewelry these days. They are rather rare in nature so they are created by heat treating purple amethysts. In addition to their attractive colors, amethysts are also appealing because they are hard and durable enough to be suitable for setting into various types of jewelry.

Amethysts as an expression of love

Jewelry with amethysts is an ideal gift for people born in February since amethysts are traditionally associated with this month. But this isn’t their only potential. Amethyst earrings or a pendant with an amethyst are usually given on the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. And since amethysts symbolize true and steadfast love, all lovers will appreciate them too. Coincidentally, amethyst is also the stone attributed to Saint Valentine. The fact that purple amethysts are a combination of both warm red as well as cool blue colors makes them suitable for combining with white and yellow gold. They also create an interesting effect when put together with rose gold. In jewelry, amethysts are perfectly complemented by white diamonds, which further enhance the beautiful color of amethysts with their own sparkle and luster.