The latest trend to land in the fitness world is the apple diet. As the name suggests, the apple diet is based on a major portion of food being apples. Following this diet is said to help you lose about 5-6 lbs of weight in a five-day timeline. Apples are one of the healthiest fruit to exist in nature that has promising health benefits. From controlling blood sugar levels to lowering cholesterol, helping build muscles, and keeping hunger pangs at bay, who knew an apple a day does keep the doctor away!

Let’s look at the benefits that apples offer to its consumer at a glance:

  1. Regular apple consumption can lower the risk of heart attacks by about 20%.
  2. Control blood sugar levels.
  3. Control appetite.
  4. Accelerate fat loss.
  5. Lower down cholesterol levels.
  6. They provide antioxidants and phytochemicals that help slow down the aging process.
  7. They can act as a natural laxative.
  8. They improve the body’s immunity.
  9. Prevent cancer.
  10. Prevent formation of gall stones.
  11. Prevent cataract.
  12. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  13. They support the nervous system

How Does The 5 Day Apple Diet Work?

Nutritionally dense foods are allowed for consumption along with apples, making sure that the calorie limit does not cross 1200 per day. Although one following this diet plan has to steer clear from full-fat milk, cheese, processed meat, chicken with skin, pork, beef, carbonated and packaged drinks, alcohol, butter, lard, mayonnaise, and coconut oil.

Day 1
On day 1, two apples for breakfast, one for lunch, and three apples for dinner are to be taken along with water. Apples are a good source of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and phytonutrients that support the vital organ systems of the body, while water helps in detoxifying them.

Day 2
For breakfast take one apple along with skim milk or soya milk. For lunch, take a vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, and mustard if you prefer along with an apple. Take two apples for dinner. Make sure to keep drinking water frequently.

Day 3
The third day is mostly focused on getting protein-rich foods along with apples. Therefore, for breakfast one whole egg (or a glass of milk in case you are a vegetarian), along with an apple is to be taken. For lunch, one apple with Bengal gram salad is to be consumed. You can take a cup of low-fat yogurt as an evening snack. Then for dinner, eat a good source of protein like lentil soup or turkey along with an apple. Make sure like before to drink water at frequent intervals throughout the day.

Day 4
For breakfast take an apple along with a kale smoothie. Have a vegetarian dish with an apple for lunch. You can have a small portion of watermelon or an orange afterward. And a cup of green tea as well in the evening. Opt for a vegetarian dinner along with an apple.

Day 5
This day the dieters can consume fruits, good fats, veggies, carbs, and proteins to revive the body from the low-calorie intake routine followed for the past four days. Take an apple each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with other dishes. You will notice that your metabolism has become active.