Check this exclusive Beauty Tips from the stunning Fashion Designer & TV Personality Angel Brinks.

Angel Brinks wearing Poise by Angel Brinks Cosmetics

1. When applying foundation, always use a primer so, that the foundation looks fresh and lasts on the face.

2. Before applying lipstick, use a lip scrub. This helps the lipstick sit well on your lips and doesn’t dry or crack.

Angel Brinks wearing Fairytale by Angel Brinks Cosmetics

3. Your lipstick can serve a dual role, both as lipstick and as blush on your cheeks.

Angel Brinks wearing Popstar by Angel Brinks Cosmetics

4. Baking your face is a must when you contour!

5. When highlighting your face, start at the top of your cheek bone for that super “glam” look.

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