Angel Merino (born July 10, 1990), is an american celebrity makeup artist, beauty mogul, entrepreneur, and artistic director. He became interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry at a very young age following his role as a dance instructor at local dance studios, “I used to do all of the dancers makeup before every dance competition!” To the dismay of his Salvadorean parents, who believed that it was an unrealistic career path for a Hispanic male, Merino gained his first job as a makeup artist working for one of the most prestigious makeup brands in the world in 2010. In the years that followed, he perfected his craft and branched off as a freelance artist to take his career to the next level. He landed his first high-profile job working for the HGTV network as key makeup artist on projects such as “Celebrity holiday homes” in 2013. He’s then worked closely with some of the industry’s top photographers, models, and celebrities adding some of today’s most sought after hollywood stars to his resume such as: Ariana Grande, Cassie, Mel B, Toni Braxton, Christina Milian, and Chanel Iman to name a few. His work can be seen on magazine covers, TV & film, runways, and red carpets.

Angel Merino’s career has then expanded into all aspects of the beauty industry, with beauty education being one of the most important to him. In 2014, he produced and traveled the US with his “Flawless faces makeup tour”. His passion for makeup artistry is translated in his ability to educate and inspire aspiring artist, peers, and colleagues. He’s headlined, hosted, and has been featured as a key note speaker in some of the country’s biggest makeup conventions and expos.

Angel Merino is a testament that hard work pays off! With an impressive over 700k + followers across his social media platforms, his passion for beauty has gained him a loyal following. His fans consist of aspiring makeup artist, industry professionals, makeup fanatics, and consumers who are drawn to his skills and techniques using his own face as a canvas. Just last year, Angel created and launched his own cosmetics line “Artist Couture” featuring his best selling “Diamond glow powders” that can now be shopped inside of third party retailers across California, Texas, and the New York tri-state area.

Although his talent was not gained through formal training, Angel is a master of his craft and strives everyday to take his artistry and passion for beauty to the next level. He brings unmatched energy on sets for photo shoots, tv, and print and has quickly gained a reputation for flawless and seamless makeup application with his signature and sought after perfected glowing skin. He strives everyday to be a voice for the Latino community, and activists for the LGBT community. Merino works hard to inspire others thru beauty that “dreams do come true” and to be a positive voice for his generation!

Hi Angel please tell us about you?

Im a young latino trying to take over the world! 🙂 Im a celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur, beauty mogul, jet setter, creative director, and so much more! Ive never liked to put myself in a box, I love venturing into different avenues and exploring different industries! Its all about being open minded and always setting new goals for yourself wether they’re in your lane or not.

How did you get started in makeup?

I first started doing makeup while I was teaching a competition dance team at a local dance studio.

I took it upon myself to do all the dancers makeup before competitions. I wasn’t very good at it, but at least they all looked the same! I got more and more practice with each performance and eventually started glamming up the studio moms for events. I quickly grew an interest for it once I realized that I had the ability to make people feel great about themselves! Later on down the line I got a job working at a department store in cosmetics. That’s where I got a lot more practice and really developed my skills.

Why the name Mac Daddyy?

The way I got the name Mac Daddyy was so random, I came up with it way before I even knew social media was going to blow up and be an amazing platform for me! At the time I was working at MAC and we would always play music. A song came on by Mikey Jarrett called “Mack daddy” and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! It was a little corny, but super cute at the time!

What is a typical day like for you as a makeup artist?

Early mornings and long nights!! It all depends on the type of gig im doing. If its filming for some type of show or music video, its normally very early in the morning! Sometimes I can be on set for 12-15 hours. If its a red carpet event, its normally an in and out situation typically in the evening.

Who or what inspired you to want to become a Make-Up artist?

I was really inspired by all the woman and men that I first started to explore artistry with. The fact that I had the ability to boost someones confidence or self esteem with my art is what really made me grow a passion for it and made me want to pursue it as a career.

What was your first job as MUA?

My very first job as a makeup artist was when I was 16! I worked at a kiosk in the center of the mall where we sold mineral makeup. It was my job to stop traffic and invite people to check out our line. I was that annoying guy begging you to stop while you walk thru the mall!! It was a little emberassing asking strangers to stop and try the product, but that job really broke me out of my shell! Now I feel super confident sparking up a conversation with anyone!

How did you make the transition into make-up artistry for celebrities?

My first celebrity client was Christina Milian. I really believe that its all about being at the right place at the right time. I had the opportunity to meet her at a beauty event named “BeautyCon” that I was invited to. She was speaking on a panel and I knew I had to meet her and introduce myself. After the event I got a chance to talk to her and she started following me on Instagram. 2 days later I had an email in my inbox from her assistant asking me if I was available for a shoot for HGTV! From there, it was like a snowball effect! I made it a point to network and introduce myself to everyone on set that day. I made some great connections that led me to other celebrities. After that, I had my celebrity clients recommending me to their celebrity friends.

Who do you admire?

I really admire my mom!! What can I say?… Im a mommas boy!! Shes a single mother of 2 and her courage and strength to overcome struggles and keep pushing is really inspiring. I admire her will to always stay strong and never giving up! Shes my hero!

What are a few of your favorite products you must have in your kit?

Some of my favorite products to have in my kit are amazing skin care!! Im all about the skin so having quality luxury items for prepping skin is super key! I also cant live without a good setting spray, I prefer Fix + from MAC, and of course I cant go anywhere without my “Diamond glow powder” to highlight my clients from my line Artist Couture!

Best advice for aspiring make-up artists?

The best advice I can give to aspiring artists is to grow thick skin and believe in yourself and your craft. Be so confident in what you do that no ones criticism can bring you down. There’s going to be a lot of “No’s” but you have to be positive and not let that stop you. Trust that everything will happen at the perfect time and stay inspired and push yourself to grow!

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is making people feel good! I feel that as a makeup artist, its my job to make my clients look like the best version of themselves. Getting your makeup done is also very therapeutic, I love talking to my clients and listening to them vent and be that listening ear that we all need sometimes.

Do you prefer working for Print or editorial work or more for tv or film?

I love it all… but I really enjoy print! Its a more relaxed setting where you can really create! I love when its a collaborative effort with the photographer to really capture a mood and vision.

Can you tell us a few celebrities you have gotten to work with?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with people like Ariana Grande, Mel B from the Spice Girls, supermodel Chanel Iman, Paula Abdul, the Braxtons family, and recording artists like Fifth harmony, Tinashe, Cassie and  Christina Milian to name a few.

Is there someone you would love to work with?

I would absolutely love to work with J.Lo! I admire her so much and look up to her! I love that she is a latina and a true mogul in her industry… not to mention she is drop dead beautiful!! It would be a dream to glam her!

How’s a typical day in your life?

A typical day in my life can be very hectic! I am very involved in everything I do so something my days can be all over the place. If I’m not glamming up my celeb clients for events I might be in business meeting or in the lab cooking up my next product for my line. In my industry there’s ALWAYS something going on or events to attend, so I might be getting ready myself to hit the red carpet and pose for the cameras!

What is your favorite look for the fall?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it not too hot and its not too cold. I love layering up with coats, scarfs, and cute boots! As far as makeup trends go, I love a bold vampy lip! Keeping the skin and eyes pretty neutral and making lips the main focus! Of course, glow never goes out of style, so radiant skin is a must!

3 things you can’t live without?

I cant live without my phone!! If i could Velcro it to my body I would! I also cant live without

Whats is the beauty product you can’t live without?

My diamond glow powder!! It adds the perfect highlights and radiance to any makeup application.

I use it on everyone whose face I touch! Makeup isn’t complete until I add a little glow!

Top 3 designers?

Im obsessed with the house Versace, the brand just speaks to me, plus I love gold! I love anything Balenciaga, they just always get it right and are so sophisticated with a modern fresh take. Lastly, but certainly not least I love Tom Ford. Everything from his fashion house to the beauty products! Class and luxury in such a sleek way!

Any future plans you want to share with us?

Currently im working on expanding my product line for my cosmetics line Artist Couture. (artistcouture.com) Adding some really fun and exciting products that everyone is going to love!

Working on finishing my online makeup certification course for my live stream channel (angelmerinolive.com) Im also dabbling in the fashion world and starting my own line of apparel designed for people in the industry… I’m having a lot of fun with that! Lastly I have a MAJOR collaboration with a very prestigious department store! I cant say too much, but if you follow me on social media you all will know very soon!! Overall, i’m just excited to explore and keep growing as an artist, person, and business professional! The sky is the limit is what I always say!

What do you like to watch on tv?

I love watching reality TV! Its kind of a guilty pleasure of mine! Love the kardashians, obsessing over the new “I am Cait” docu-series and I really like “So you think you can dance.” When its in season… I never miss an episode of Wendy Williams! Shes a friend in my head and she keeps me updated on all of the tea!

Do you have any hobbies?

I love spending time with my friends! We go to amusement parks and wild out. I really enjoy the water, so the beach or the nearest pool is where you can find me when im not working.

Where we can follow you?

Everyone can follow me on Instagram at @mac_daddyy
My website AngelMerinoLive.com
or shop my line artistcouture.com