Ann Leighton is an up and coming teen actress and model.

She appears in the film ‘Same Kind of Different as Me,’ starring Renee Zellweger and Jon Voight. It is set for release April 29th 2016.  Last autumn, Ann also appeared in ‘Shark Lake’ alongside Dolph Lundgren.

While on an out of town soccer tournament, Ann began her modeling career in an unlikely way.  A model scout approached her while shopping after the game, who suggested Ann should start modeling.  She signed with AboutFaces Management shortly after this chance encounter.  Since then, Ann has participated in numerous ads for boutiques and fashion shows across the southern United States.

Ann comes from a mixed background, with a Lebanese father and Caucasian mother.  When she isn’t in front of the camera, Ann enjoys playing soccer, cross-country, track, traveling, and cooking.  Ann is also an avid community volunteer who has participated on mission trips to Peru, given her time to the Mississippi Children’s Museum, helped victims of human trafficking at The Grace House, is Youth Leader at her church, and works with children at the Blair E. Batson Children’s hospital.

Hi Ann, please tell us little about you?

I am a Junior at Jackson Preparatory School in Mississippi where I run track and cross country and play soccer. I have 2 little brothers that I love but don’t always get along with. I have a hairless chinese crested dog named Merry that looks weird but is super cute! I am a member of Christ United Methodist Church where I am a d-group leader to 6th grade girls. I absolutely love modeling and would love to get more into acting as well!  I am involved in my school’s Community Service Club and I am a Youth Ambassador for the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

How did you get started into modeling and acting?

I have always loved fashion!  When I was little, I would watch TV and look at magazines and say that I wanted to do that when I grow up. About 3 years ago, I was out of town for a soccer tournament and was shopping with my mom when a model scout approached me and said that I should consider modeling.  Then I was asked to do some boutique ads and fashion shows and fell in love with it all!!!

What did your parents first think of you being an actress and model? 

My parents have always been on board and supportive about it. Before I could drive, my mom was driving me everywhere for fittings, rehearsals, shoots, etc. This past summer my mom and I went out to California for 2 weeks, which was super fun and a great learning experience for my dreams of getting in the industry. Without their support I for sure would not be where I am!

How’s a typical day in your life?

Monday through Friday I get up around 7:15 am and get ready for school. School starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:00 pm. I have cross country practice on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6:15 am before school and on days I don’t have a soccer game after school, I have soccer practice from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm during August to mid October. Once soccer season is over, I go to cross country practice after school from 3:15 pm until the workout is over lasting through mid November. Track season starts the end of January and goes to the beginning of April. During that time, I have track practice after school from 3:15 pm until the workout is over. The months that I don’t have something after school, I usually go home to do homework and chill, take a forever long bath, or hang out with my family and friends. Wednesday nights I have church until 7:00 pm and then 5 of my friends and I go to dinner and talk for hours about random stuff. I go to school events when possible and on weekends, I hang out with my friends and attend social events or just watch movies.

What are your fashion and beauty essentials?

I’m not a big everyday makeup person but I’m so glad that I have it when I need it!  My can’t do without beauty essential would be lip balm and I love having a cute pair of shoes for the final touch on an outfit!

How would you describe your style?

It definitely depends on the occasion. I love getting fancy and dressed up to go out to social events or football games but when I’m just hanging out, I think you can never go wrong with just chilling in some yoga pants and a comfy shirt.

What do you do to stay fit?

I try to watch what I eat but that doesn’t always work so thankfully I have soccer, track, and cross country to help me. Also I stay away from soft drinks and ice cream.

What is your favorite healthy food?

Strawberries (covered in Nutella… oopsy) and I also love smoothies

And your favorite cheat food? 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Who is your role model?

My church d-group leader and mentor Holly Mitchell

If you were sent to a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

Fruit, water, and a camera

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? 

Cara Delevingne & Gigi Hadid– their looks are so different but they are both talented and beautiful!

I don’t have a favorite designer- I just like whatever I see and think is cute or different.

What is fun and rewarding about acting and modeling? And what do you dislike? 

I love the rush of being in front of the camera or on a runway.  With modeling, it’s so fun to see the different looks a designer comes up with and to help them showcase their designs.

How do you prepare for a photoshoot?

I don”t really do anything different for a photo shoot but I do make sure to get a good nights rest, drink lots of water, and always take my makeup off at night to keep my skin healthy.

What do you like to watch on tv? 

I’m currently watching Switched at Birth on Netflix and its amazing! I loved Gossip Girl and 90210!

Any future plans you want to share with us?

I plan to go back to California as much as possible and hopefully go to college there.  Eventually, I want to live in California and further my modeling career.

Do you support any charity?

Yes, my school is currently partnered with Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital so I frequently do things there. I’ve done work with the Mustard Seed which provides needs of adults with developmental disabilities.   Currently I am working on a project with Uzima Water Filters which provides clean filtered water for people in Kenya.  Also, I am working at The Grace House helping victims of human trafficking.

What do you think of Social Media?

Its awesome when used in the right way! Social Media is a great tool for networking with people in your industry.  Its a great source for fashion and acting which are my favs!

Where we can follow you?

Instagram @annleightonmalouf

Favorite food: Stuffed bell peppers

Travel destination: Turks and Caicos or any tropical island

Celebrity Crush: Cara Delevingne

Restaurant: Houston’s Restaurant

Actor/Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Movie: The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Drink: Water 🙂

Festival: Coachella

Photographer: Rochelle Brodin
Photo Assistant: Ilan Ariel

Fashion credits:

Black/white crop top/skirt: Bobi Los Angeles
Black heels: Dolce Vita

White long sleeve crop top: One Way
White swim bottoms: xhilaration for Target
Shell headpiece: LF Stores
Platform shoes: OTBT

Denim cut offs: One X One Teaspoon
Sweater with palm trees: Wildfox
Bralette: Free People

Strapless eyelet romper: INA

Light blue sleeveless tank: American Eagle
Denim cutoffs: One X One Teaspoon