For over two decades, Los Angeles-based Listen has been anonymously creating compelling street art for any passersby to enjoy. Their stenciled work shows up wherever there might be a good surf break, an empty wall or crevice, or bus bench ads and billboards. Listen’s distinctive work heavily adorns wallscapes, oftentimes temporarily, across Los Angeles and beyond and is instantly recognizable by the style of graffiti and their culturally-driven subject matter that often calls to politics and societal issues.

Listen’s canvas pieces are conversation starters about America that bring everyday materials to life, his most common mediums being spray paint, acrylic, resin, glue, paper, and caulking.

May 6th through May 18th, 2021, anonymous street artist, Listen will debut his work in Santa Monica in collaboration with Artsy.net, the largest and leading global online marketplace for fine art. @artsy  — For more information Click Here!

Curated by Steve Galindo, the artist’s debut will showcase 18 of their canvas pieces. The POP-UP gallery will be open from 11am – 6pm at 1403 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA.

In 2019, Listen began creating large canvases inspired by the current events of a deteriorating political climate. At first glance, Listen’s canvases appear to be vibrant pop-inflected works, yet they call sharp attention to the issues plaguing society today. Listen’s recent pieces are political satire in nature but ultimately offer a sense of hope and change.

Please come see this first of many special show in Santa Monica until the 18th, contact James MacLean for private viewing and price available upon request.



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