Since the first day of Spring until now, we’ve had so many questions for this new season. What are going to be the biggest trends for fashion? What colors are “in” for make-up and beauty? What do we wear for Coachella? And how, oh how, are we ever going to get that model body we’ve been craving since last summer?

Well the Naluda team has been working hard, and we’ve got all of your answers in this “Guide To Spring” issue. We busted gorgeous Susan Holmes McKagan’s secret on how she balances a modeling career, designing her own line, and being a compassionate mother to her two children. We also caught up with the beautiful Marta Krupa and her keys to success on modeling and dating race car driver Marco Andretti.

Next, we’ve hand-picked your outfits for Coachella whether you like to bare it all and look stylishly sexy, or you’re more of a dress-wearing saddle-bag kind of gal. Staying in Indio but not going to Coachella? You won’t be bored for a second with shopping boutiques galore. Even if you’re not in it for the shops, let your inner thrill-seeking self explore mini-golfing, brunch spots, and desert jeep safaris.

Check in with Dara Sandrini for answers on how to maintain that summer body in only eight weeks (not that we haven’t been working out all year, right ladies?). Say hello to your favorite make-up products for spring that will make your face glow ravishingly. Catch up on your weekly dose of fashion designers with highlights from Style Fashion Week LA including Michael Costello, Andre Soriano, and more. We’ve got the best tips on spring cleaning for your wardrobe, eating a balanced diet for your health, and obtaining your best looks this month.

So we’re officially saying goodbye to Winter——Hellooo, Spring! We’ve been waiting for you.

With love, The Naluda team!!

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