Who would have imagined that teenagers, young professionals, digital marketers, and companies would extensively use short clip videos? Snapchat launched six years ago and currently has around 300 million users. Then came Tiktok in 2017, and most recently, Instagram Reels.

Millions of consumers across these video platforms have been utilizing these applications for recreational or leisure purposes, while companies and marketers have been using them to advertise and market their products. Numerous individuals became primary digital influencers due to their massive followings on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

Social media is often regarded as an effective conduit for exchanging information, expressing opinions, facilitating social networking, influencing choices, and boosting business. Social networking affects how people perceive and choose their activities.

In Social Media, Men vs. Women

Females use social media less frequently than men for commercial purposes, but women disclose more personal information on social media than men do, disclosing more about their personal life. Women are more expressive, loud, and ready to contribute than males. Women are naturally inclined to engage in social interactions.

Females, in general, utilize social networking sites to connect with and maintain contact with family and friends. By contrast, men rely on social media to collect the knowledge necessary to establish influence. Social media enables them to research, make credible relationships, and eventually elevate their position. Additionally, men are more likely to participate in online forums such as Reddit and other online discussion forums.

For at least five years, women have been more active on social media than males. Women interact differently and are leading the transition away from desktop to mobile in terms of social media, which is a significant worry for social networking sites debuting in the coming years.

Perhaps it is irrelevant which gender utilizes social media the most. Nonetheless, it assists your firm in attracting more female or male clients and determining which social media platforms are appropriate for advertising. According to history, women have always influenced purchasing behaviors. Many ladies prefer to purchase branded items, making social media the most efficient and advantageous method.

Is Video Marketing Important for Female Entrepreneurs?

Video marketing is a strategy for creating, curating, and distributing video to promote your products or services to a targeted audience. Visually engaging and easily digestible video content keeps your audience engaged with your business.

Not only does video material often receive a higher level of engagement than other sorts of information, but it also tends to last longer. For instance, a TikTok video may appear in users’ For You Pages years after being released, while a YouTube video may remain on your channel for years.

Additionally, video content is excellent for generating sales. It is because there is value in demonstrating how fantastic your product or service is rather than simply telling your audience.


Reggie Brown, one of Snapchat’s co-founders, came up with the concept of a social networking program that let users share photographs and videos that vanished after a few seconds. They were the first social media network to feature vanishing material, dubbed “Stories” on other platforms. The core concept behind Stories is that users can post content for a limited time – it expires after 24 hours. This instills a sense of urgency and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in Snapchat users.

Snapchat is not a platform for capturing the classic Picture moment. It’s about portraying the complete diversity of human feeling – not simply what looks beautiful or flawless.

Female users dominate male users on Snapchat. While marketers have generally focused their efforts on Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has swiftly risen to prominence as a significant social media player. Its user base is more effective than Twitter, and its users are more engaged.

The most important demographic trend to watch on Snapchat is arguably self-explanatory: the users are young. They have a considerable market share among 13-17, far outpacing any other platform. Additionally, younger users visit the forum more frequently than older users.

Women prefer to communicate with their boyfriends via video messages rather than text. This way, it becomes more personal and endearing.

TikTok in the Digital Age

TikTok has nailed it for the younger generation. However, these statistics are rapidly changing as the elder age becomes acquainted with the app’s intricacies.

Tiktok is more popular with the older generation than with the younger ones. It is the cutting-edge platform for youth market values.

On TikTok, users make and share short, looping videos set to music and sound bites from the app’s collection. Often, the themes are fun and/or require skills. There will be several choreographed dances, lip-syncing, hashtag challenges, response videos, and other cringe-worthy entertainment.

If you’re looking to connect with Generation Z, TikTok is unquestionably the best platform. It provides a vast audience ideal for organic brand development.

Reels on Instagram

Instagram and visual platforms, in general, are dominated by young women. Instagram Reels enables you to alter your look in a nearly identical way to that of cosmetics and other beauty items; these are all because IG Reels offers more filters to beautify their videos.

For women, appearance is critical, and this platform is the ideal location. You may now post videos using Instagram Reels, which are longer than Snapchat videos. And because women place a premium on beauty, fashion firms will gain the most from this platform.

However, if you’re marketing to a more adult demographic with greater spending power, Reels is an excellent alternative.


Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are the top three social media apps to consider. Instagram is a Facebook-owned visual-first social networking platform. According to a Facebook poll of young adults, the most popular subjects on Instagram are cuisine, fashion and beauty, hobbies, music, and television and cinema. Users frequently follow celebrities and peruse trip photographs.

Instagram is the most popular of the three social media platforms. Each month, around 1 billion individuals use Instagram.

You now know which social media platforms are ideal for your business if your target demographic is female and where females may form more relationships.