Doors are objects we never even think about; we just consider them a natural part of any building. They are convenient for privacy and protection, and more often than not, we open and close them without consideration. But, did you know doors have more meaning than what we’re taught?

Doors, in Feng Shui, are believed to control the flow and release of energies in and out of your home. It is important that all doors in your home function properly, ensure that interior door handles work correctly, and pay attention to your front door. It is the entrance to your inner sanctum and considered the place where people enter and energies exchange. Internal doors also directly affect the energy in your home, much like blood flow to your arteries. Energy must be free to move, but also properly controlled.

In summation, knowing that all doors function and are free from clutter enhances the flow of energy in your home.

Doors Need Freedom, Too!

Should you constantly leave all your doors open? Absolutely not! You need to strike a balance, as both energy flowing too quickly or getting stuck negatively impacts your life. In example, too many open doors means energy can move too quickly throughout your home and result in numerous missed opportunities. Likewise, if you close one too many doors, you will feel stuck in your daily grind.

If you find any of your doors getting stuck or are difficult to open, make it a point to repair them. If you need to jiggle knobs and locks to get your door moving, it often means your life will become too frustrating and rife with difficulties. Most important of all is ensuring your front door is fully functional. Entering and exiting needs to feel easy without any problems.

Doors Are More Than Ornaments

We all want to maximize space in our homes, and one of the most common ways to do so is by hanging additional articles of clothing from hooks on or near the door. In an effort to Feng Shui your life, find someplace else to hang your bathrobes, coats, jackets and other accessories.

If you have a door that isn’t used regularly or at all, you can hang your things on it with hooks. The issue lies in obstructing doors that you regularly use and encounter. The added weight may make it harder to open and close the door, and that translates to added obstacles in your life requiring extra effort to resolve.

Do not hang the things you presume need to be hung. Many of us are guilty as charged when it comes to using doors as a place to hang handy things such as aprons, bags, utensils etc. Having said that, these items can hang, but they shouldn’t. Don’t make your space look overwhelmingly cluttered. Anything that is easily folded, put it away in a cabinet or drawer.

We are all tempted to decorate door knobs with ornaments, but refrain from doing so. Each time you attempt to use the door, you need to maneuver around your decoration and it makes entering and leaving difficult. In Feng Shui, this means the energy in your life will contribute to self-sabotaging behaviors and adds unnecessary complications. Fortunately, this is an easy fix and you can easily remedy the situation.

Depressed people and those who feel pessimistic or defeated will often have many objects hanging downwards versus pointing upwards. This is a telltale sign that the person living there is depressed or unhappy with themselves in some way. Another sign that people often miss is door handle decorations that just dangle without thought. Though very few people consciously do this, it does translate to added negativity in your path. Bear in mind, the people that decorate in this manner aren’t always directly depressed, but have a self-defeating mechanism.