A loss in the ability to hear can be very off putting and can even be devastating in some of the more severe cases and so any assistance that can be sought is always more than welcome. To this end most people that suffer from hearing loss today, will use a hearing aid of some description and these can be of great help. Most people may recall the very old fashioned hearing aids which were shaped like trumpets and so called trumpets. These trumpets had a narrow end which could fit in the ear to relay the sound into the ear and a wide end which would receive the sounds around the person using the trumpet. At first, horns and seashells were used as trumpets to assist in hearing but afterwards trumpets were made from brass or copper. These trumpets though we’re not the first hearing aids used by man as several hundred years earlier, at least one civilization were using carvings to create hearing aids. These wooden carvings were shaped into the shape of an animal’s ear but there is no evidence to show how effective these initial hearing aids were.

Many years later it was discovered that bone was a good transporter or conductor for sound vibrations and so this prompted new hearing aids to be made. These newer hearing aids would fit behind the ear where they made contact with some small bones which are located there. The small bones on receipt of any sound vibrations, would pass those vibrations onto the brain directly and so the inner ear actually not used in the hearing process.

Today of course the trumpets cannot be seen unless in a museum as they have been replaced by more modern and more effective hearing aids. A full variety of the different hearing aids available today can often be found at online provider websites. One of these websites which deals with supplying hearing aids is Audika.dk which not only has a large variety available to buy but also provides full hearing tests and a free trial of many of the different types they offer. Any hearing aid will of course cost money and so the free trials are essential in order for people to be able to confidently buy a hearing aid which is right for them, without having to go through an expensive trial and error regime.

Although most people to suffer from hearing loss are the elderly, some people do suffer from hearing loss from a younger age and in some instances, from birth but as even their hearing can still get worse, they too, will from time to time need a new hearing aid. The wide variety of hearing aids now available to any of these people is mainly due to advances in technology which has allowed for the miniaturization of receivers, amplifiers and speakers but perhaps most of all, due to the miniaturization of batteries which all of these modern hearing aids depend on for their effectiveness and efficiency.