TV personality, model and more. America fell in love with Audrina Patridge for her part on MTV’s The Hills, and she’s stayed in the spotlight as host of NBC’s 1st Look.  We at Naluda Magazine had the privilege and pleasure of meeting her at Zorthian Ranch in Altadena, CA for a perfect day in Southern California. Using white, turquoise and black colors for her tops, headbands and bottoms, she matches the scenery with total ease. We aimed to pair her look with the rustic setting at Zorinthian Ranch and her style breathes as easy and cool as her personality.


Your rules to live by? 

Keep trudging, don’t give up, be yourself and don’t ever let anyone hold you back! And LOVE the ones who love you back!

You were first seen on the Television back in 2006 appearing in reality show “the Hills”, how did this come about? 

I was laying out by the pool where I lived and the producer was there scouting the place for Lauren and Heidi to live when he approached me, asked me my story etc. and within a few weeks I was filming.


Were you all friends at the beginning and now do you still keep in contact with any of the cast? 

Lauren and Heidi were friends, but Whitney and I were their LA friends… We gradually became friends. I keep in contact with Kristin, Heidi, Steph, and occasionally Whitney.

Now host on NBC’s 1st Look, you are certainly clocking up the air miles, tell us about the show? 

It’s a travel and lifestyle show… We eat, play, and indulge! … I love that it’s an informative show that shows people new places to visit and new activities to do. There’s literally some kind of interest for everyone on the show.


Do you watch replays of your shows? 

Once in a while! 🙂 I’m gone a lot but when I visit my mom she has it recorded so I catch up, but I still don’t really like watching myself.

So far which is the most favorite place that you have visited on the show?

I loved Miami, Seattle, and New Orleans.


Do you have any “crazy” stories to tell while shooting?

This fall/winter all the new shows will start airing! (Season Premiere September 27) We are currently filming the upcoming season and there have been some interesting things haha… Think bizarre foods, pushing the limits, new challenges!

Can you name 3 places that you would love to go with the show or on holiday?  

I would love to go international.  To Morocco, Greece, and Iceland.

Do you like reading, what is your favorite author? 

I read from time to time:)!  Rick Warren has a lot of inspiring books I read on the road.


What music do you like listening to?

I have always been a music junkie!! Whatever mood I’m in really, my iPod is filled with tons of genres and different artists.

What challenges have you had to face in your career? 

Not giving up, not letting the judgments or opinions of others get to me, putting on a happy face and moving forward.


What do you like to do when you get some free time? 

I love going to the beach, turning my phone off and just sitting there relaxing! I also love to go to concerts, hang out with my family and friends.

What part of your body are you most proud of?  

Oh goodness haha I guess my stomach, I’ve always had good abs.


Any girl crushes? 

Hmmm…. Sofia Vergara. She’s so full of life and gorgeous!.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?   

Sour candy and In-n-Out.


Who do you think is the best-dressed man and women in Hollywood?

I haven’t checked the tabloids lately haha but man I would say David Beckham. As for best dressed female, I love Sienna Miller’s style.


:: About the shoot with Naluda Magazine ::

How was it working with Josh and his Glam squad?  

Josh and his glam squad are the best! Every time we shoot together I know it’s going to turn out amazing and we will always have a blast… Lots of laughs.

Location looked fun! What did you think about it? 

The location was interesting to say the least haha I didn’t feel like we were in LA at all!! There was actually another crew onsite filming a horror movie.


:: Fast Facts ::

What 3 things that you can’t live without?  

My cell phone, rose oil, and jasmine fancy tea.

Name your Favorite Food?


How about your Favorite Drink?  



Where can you be followed on social media:  

Twitter: @audrinapatridge

Instagram: @audrinapatridge

Website: audrinapatridge.com



Photographer: Josh Williams Photography / joshwilliamsphotography.com

Make Up: Tasha Reiko Brown / tashareikobrown.com

Hair: Briana Cisneros / brianacisneros.com

Styling Collaboration: Jessica Oliver & Jenny Dayco

Produced By: The Sagami Group / thesagamigroup



1. Leather riding boots-stylists own
2. (on right hand) Bracelets-stylists own
Scarf-vintage, Swift Vintage iloveswift.com
3. (on left hand) Bone and wood cuff bracelet, Swift Vintage. iloveswift.com
 Flower child wooden bead bracelet by Haute Betts, $39. hautebetts.com
Wanderer wooden bead bracelet by Haute Betts, $39.  hautebetts.com
Double take ring by Haute Betts, $39.  hautebetts.com
4. White jade chandelier necklace by Jenny Dayco, $130. jennydayco.com
5. White jade oval and gold hammered oval wire necklace, $84.  jennydayco.com
6. Dress by Odylyne odylyne.com


1. Matte silver and gold brushed metal floral headpiece by Jenny Dayco, $64.  jennydayco.com
2. Lace dress by Odylyne odylyne.com
3. (on left hand) Double take ring by Haute Betts, $39.  hautebetts.com
4. (on right hand) Diamond twist ring by Haute Betts, $29. hautebetts.com
Serpent ring by by Haute Betts, $29. hautebetts.com
5. Pearl teardrop necklace by Jenny Dayco, $32. jennydayco.com
6. Black leather booties by Missguided, missguidedus.com


1. Blue tide headpiece by Haute Betts, $250.  hautebetts.com
2. Denim shorts -sew vintage
Belt-vintage Vera- Swift Vintage, iloveswift.com
Earrings-vintage iloveswift.com
3. Vintage gold chain and turquoise howlite teardrop necklace by Jenny Dayco, $84. jennydayco.com
4. (on left hand)  Double take ring by Haute Betts, $39.  hautebetts.com
Vintage art deco silver and turquoise ring, $150.  iloveswift.com
1960s Zuni headdress sunface ring, $75.  iloveswift.com
1960s Zuni sunface ring, $75.  iloveswift.com
5. Zippered crop top by Element, elementbrand.com
6.  Ivory kimono dress (worn as caftan) by Odylyne, odylyne.com


1. Dress- 1950’s vintage tulle lavender dress, Swift Vintage- iloveswift.com
2. (on left hand) Vintage cuff bracelet, Swift Vintage, iloveswift.com
Blossom bracelets by Haute Betts,  $45.  hautebetts.com
1960s Zuni headdress sunface ring, $75.  hautebetts.com
1960s Zuni sunface ring, $75.  iloveswift.com
3.  (on right hand)  Amethyst nugget bracelet by Jenny Dayco, $32.  jennydayco.com
Black stardust beaded bracelet by Jenny Dayco, $16.  jennydayco.com
Smoky quartz and brass spacer bracelet by Jenny Dayco, $24.  jennydayco.com
4.  Sterling silver floral necklace by Jenny Dayco, $148.  jennydayco.com